WWE would be more popular with children in Saudi Arabia than in the United States

Saudi Arabia

WWE has hosted three shows in Saudi Arabia so far: the Greatest Royal Rumble, Crown Jewel and the Super ShowDown. A 10-year contract that allows the federation to hold big shows for another 9 years and to pocket 45 million per year. It’s time to see what the popularity of WWE is in the country.

It’s Dave Meltzer who tells us that the main audience for WWE in Saudi Arabia would be children. At the very point that the federation would be much more popular with Saudi children than American children of the same age. However, apart from children, few Saudi people are interested in WWE. The reporter goes on to say that WWE would be aware and use this information for propaganda purposes, saying that it is there to make children smile rather than make money. The WWE Network has almost no subscribers in the Middle East.

Another topic, regarding a possible first women’s match in Saudi Arabia, Dave Meltzer noted that it would not be the first time a women’s match would be seen in the country, thanks to television, but just the first time a match women would take place in the country. WWE had tried to arrange a match between Alexa Bliss and Natalya for the Super ShowDown until the last minute, but the sports authority had not agreed.

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