Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey hasn’t been inside a WWE ring after WrestleMania 35. She’s not coming back this year. At this time, we might have to wait for to WrestleMania goes to Hollywood again, and that’s what Dave Meltzer said about The participation of Ronda Roussy at WrestleMania :

“I can’t read Ronda’s mind, especially now. Ronda, from what I know she’s really happy. Look — if you don’t think that they wanted her for this show [WrestleMania 36], and the fact that she’s not on it says something, but I would be — it’s just hard for me to believe that Ronda won’t be on the LA show.”

Ronda Rousey said that she does want to fight for WWE. She won’t be full-time ever again, WWE could be having a huge surprise hidden very well. It doesn’t seem like Ronda Rousey’s return to WWE is coming any time soon despite what they might prefer.

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