WWE SmackDown Results of March 12, 2019

Kofi Kingston
kofi SmackDown

The WWE SmackDown show begins with Shane McMahon coming into the ring and presenting videos of Fastlane (show summary here) while Shane attacked the Miz. Shane is in the ring with his best trophy in the world. Shane signals to the presenter to come back to the ring and talk to him. The announcer announces Shane as the best in the world. Shane does it twice. Shane says we want to know why he attacked his best friend. To tell the truth, he is exhausted. He is exhausted to see all his people in life. He’s not just talking about WWE Universe, wrestlers or WWE employees. People always come to see him asking what he can do to better go. The crowd sings ” we want Kofi ”. Shane says that everyone asks him how to have a promotion. We have no idea what he can do behind the scenes. Everyone wants his help. Shane says it all ended last Sunday when he beat Miz in his hometown.

Shane says he’s not the best in the world because he won a trophy or a team title, but he was born that way. From now on he will do things only for him. The best part of Sunday was when he caught the Miz’s father while Miz could not do anything on the ground. Shane says Miz has to listen to him, it’s not a request because Miz works for him. Shane says he will continue to give Miz a beating on the biggest stage of all at WrestleMania! Miz has to prepare for another beating of the best in the world and it will be great.

Back after the break, the fight begins.

8-Man Tag Team Match

Aleister Black, Ricochet and Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs. Rusev with Lana, Shinsuke Nakamura and The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro)

At the end of the fight, the wrestlers get on with the finishers one after the other. Jeff finally managed his Twist of Fate on Cesaro and chained with his Swanton Bomb to cover him, but Rusev and Nakamura broke the account. The eight-man brawl breaks out in the ring. New Day comes to get involved. The referee stops the fight.

Winners: No ContestAfter the fight,

New Day empties the ring. Kofi ends with his Trouble in Paradise on Rusev.

Behind the scenes, we find the Usos. Jimmy says they saw New Day wanting to make their place. Jey says that the rivalry has started since SummerSlam. They are ready for any challenge from anyone.

Randy Orton arrives in the ring and we leave for a break. Back, Orton is still in the ring. Orton says he has to speak on a subject. Here is the house that AJ Styles built, is not it. But he does not understand that in 2002 AJ Styles was fighting for $ 10 in a gym in front of 10 people while he was here and making his debut at WWE. In 2004 AJ was holding hands in bingo halls as he became WWE Champion. In 2005 AJ was in Florida sunbathing with Dixie Carter while he was here battling Undertaker at WrestleMania. In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and etc he was here and he was champion. This is not the house that AJ Styles has built. This is his house he has built for a long time! AJ Styles’ music starts and he gets into the ring. AJ says that Orton seems to have followed his career well for someone who looks down on the indy. Yes he comes from indy and he is proud of that. He has heard that guys like Orton are not for his world but for the WWE. And that’s good because Orton would never have survived in his world, especially not with his pose and a Diamond Cutter.

Orton asks if AJ just said that his friends in indy do not copy anyone? Orton makes the sign of the nWo. AJ tells Orton to look behind the scenes, the indy guys encircle him. They won their place at the WWE and not ask their father for a job. In his first year Orton has had help with Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista to make sure he can not fail. Orton says that at age 24 he did more than AJ dreamed. He won Royal Rumble, Main Event WrestleMania and other PPVs. Nobody helped him to get his place. AJ says Orton seems to have forgotten the Evolution band, Rated RKO too, and the Wyatt family. AJ says Orton has had a lot of babysitter. Yes Orton is the Viper, he uses everyone and then puts him away. AJ says that’s why he jumped on Orton to Fastlane because he will not be his next victim. Orton says that AJ does not have the privilege of choosing. AJ wants to make a room in his house. Orton is the owner and AJ is just his son of a bitch and he will fall to the RKO. AJ asks if Orton wants his rent? He can pick him up at WrestleMania

Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Singles Match – No Title

Asuka vs. Sonya Deville with Mandy Rose

At the end of the fight, a little confusion between Rose and Deville, Asuka took the opportunity to kick Deville. Asuka chained with her Asuka Lock to make her bang.

Winner: Asuka via submission

After the fight, Deville refuses to leave with Rose.

Behind the scenes, we find the Iiconics. Billie Kay says Bayley and Sasha won against Tamina and Nia, it’s time to move on. Peyton Royce says their future title defense will be at SmackDown Live and it will be Iiconic.

Becky Lynch arrives in the ring and she throws her crutch off, Becky is no longer hurt! Becky says it’s good to get off the stage on both legs. She was injured, suspended, still suspended and arrested. But the man is back on his feet and in the main event of WrestleMania! She chose Ronda Rousey at first, but Charlotte went through Vince McMahon. She had to win her place two times in a row, once winning the Royal Rumble Match and a second using Ronda Rousey. It’s hard to play strategically with a brainless woman. She did it and Rousey gave the scrape for her. She will pay Rousey by breaking her arm at WrestleMania and winning the women’s title. At WrestleMania she will take everything back from her. Charlotte Flair arrives. Charlotte congratulates her. Charlotte says Becky finally enters her main event. Charlotte says she’s been on top for four years and Becky only six months. Charlotte says that’s why we chose her to do the job. Charlotte says Becky does almost nothing but takes credit for everything. She will have to make Rousey and Becky important again when they bow to the queen, Mrs. WrestleMania. Becky says Charlotte did nothing in 4 years with the division. She has just made her place and she finds herself at the main event. It’s not the queen but the man that WrestleMania needs.

Behind the scenes, Daniel Bryan and Rowan leave Vince McMahon’s office. Kayla asks him what they are talking about. Bryan says it was a private discussion. Kayla asks if they’re talking about Kofi Kingston. Bryan says that yes, after defending his title in a Triple Threat Match he believes that Vince needed his advice before his announcement for Kofi. Kayla asks him for Vince’s reaction. Bryan says he will be in team with Rowan to face Owens and Ali.

Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Tag Team Match

Rey Mysterio and R-Truth accompanied by Carmella vs Andrade accompanied by Zelina Vega and Samoa Joe

At the end of the fight, Rey makes his 619 on Joe and Andrade! Rey chases Frog Splash on Andrade, but Joe goes to Senton on Rey. Joe relieves him, but Rey surprises him with a Sunset Flip on behalf of three.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and R-Truth

After the fight, Joe is furious and makes a STO on Truth and Andrade while Rey had left quickly on the ramp.

It is announced that Alex Bliss will present WrestleMania this year, details here.

Back, the wrestlers arrive in the ring.

Tag Team Match

Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan

At the end of the fight, Rowan hurls Owens against the barricade to keep him down the ring. Bryan and Rowan take control of Ali. Rowan catches Ali and gives him a ChokeSlam for three.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Vince McMahon arrives in the ring and we leave for a break. Back, Vince is still in the ring. Vince says he’s here tonight to give us what we want, give Kofi what he wants. He’s here to give WrestleMania a chance at Kofi for the WWE title. A video of Sunday is presented to Fastlane as Kofi loses his chance for the WWE title. Vince says that Kofi and people commit we understand what we want. He never said that Kofi would be in the fight, he said there would be a Triple Threat Match. He gave Kofi a chance to fight and he failed. When he speaks he must listen, it’s a lesson moment. New Day’s music cuts him and the trio arrives in the ring. Big E says that to be honest they are not in the mood for the lesson. Xavier Woods says it’s enough to listen. Big E says they’ve been around the world for Vince. Woods says they are still treated as waste anyway.

Big E says that Kofi has been here for 11 years, this man deserves more! Vince says Kofi, New Day and fans deserve nothing! He does not deserve anything either. He created RAW and SmackDown, but he deserves nothing. Nobody deserves anything. Big E says it’s bigger than just their opinion or Vince’s ego. Vince says there is nothing bigger than his ego. Woods says they deserve it because they won it. Kofi won against WWE champions but never had a chance for the WWE title. This is one of the reasons why Kofi deserves a chance for the WWE title. Big E says the WWE Universe is asking for one thing, that Kofi faces the WWE champion. Vince says he would like them to deserve it. He has known Kofi for a long time, he judges the talents well. If Kofi deserves a championship fight, it would have been a long time ago. Kofi is an extraordinary athlete like the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber. Kofi is good for the product, he agrees. One day Kofi will be in the Hall of Fame, but he will not do it on his own, but as part of New Day. Kofi is intelligent, at his age he takes the glory of the two young people of the group.

Vince says Kofi does not have the equipment to be a champion. Tonight he spoke with Daniel Bryan on the subject and he scored a point. Bryan told him that Kofi is great, but a good B + player. Kofi says he does not ask for a free fight. 11 years ago he was a child with a dream come true. Bring the family, go around the world and entertain the WWE Universe. He would like to think that during those 11 years he has proven that he deserves it, but Vince does not see it that way. He’s never going to complain about the company. He comes here and kicks his ass each week while others get the chance. He misses moments with his family, he has never spent Halloween with his children because he is always here. His son lost his first tooth and he was not there because he was here. He’s never going to complain about that or that Vince will never let people like him fight for the WWE title. He will not start complaining now either. Kofi says he only wants Vince to tell him in person what he needs to do to get his place. People believe in him. Randy Orton arrives in the ring. Vince says that Kofi only needs to beat this man and … Samoa Joe’s music cuts him off. Vince says he must beat this man too. The Bar arrives. Vince says Kofi must also beat those men. Rowan is coming. Vince says he must also beat this man in a Gaunlet Match and Kofi will be able to go to WrestleMania!

Kofi’s opponents climb into the ring and the fight breaks out. New Day managed to keep control of everyone and empty the ring. The show ends as well.

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