WWE SmackDown Results of February 19, 2019

WWE SmackDown

The WWE SmackDown show begins with Shane McMahon arriving in the ring. We present a video of the events last Sunday at the Elimination Chamber. Shane says it was impressive the beginning of Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black and Ricochet. He was so impressed with their performance at RAW that they will all be here tonight. The Miz arrives and says he apologizes for cutting it, but he has to express himself. At Elimination Chamber he lost the team titles of SmackDown. He has not slept for two days. He is the manager. Shane took a chance by teaming up with him, he took the risk. He must confess. Miz says he used Shane! He knew that Shane was going to join him on his father’s behalf. Miz said it was Shane’s dream to be the champion, which was a good thing as he likes to make the titles prestigious. They did it together and Shane surprised him by bringing his father. While the fans were singing Mister Miz his father said he was proud of him and he loved him. It was the first time in his life that he heard that.

Miz says it was the best time of his career and his life thanks to Shane, thank you. But two days ago he dropped Shane in their first title defense. He is so sorry. He can not change the past, but the future yes. There is no automatic rematch clause, but Shane McMahon can. If anyone can do a rematch against Usos it’s Shane. Everyone wants the rematch. The crowd sings “rematch”. Usos are coming. Usos launch a series of ” wow ”. Jimmy says it looks like the WWE Universe wants to see a rematch. I say there is no more automatic clause, but they will still give them a second chance to be named the best team in the world. Jimmy says Shane does not want to rematch because Miz is a joke. Miz is a loser, a failure and a fake A-Lister. I told him to find another partner. Shane stops the Usos. Shane says they do not have the right to disrespect his partner. The rematch will take place and it will be in the hometown of Miz in Cleveland Ohio for Fastlane! Miz says they will take over the team titles and that’s great!

Back after the break, the wrestlers arrive.

Singles Match

Aleister Black vs Andrade with Zelina Vega

At the end of the fight, Black pushes Almas against the corner and gives him his Black Mass for the account of three.

Winner: Aleister Black

Behind the scenes, we find Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Dasha asks if they can stay on their way. Ciampa says they have exceeded expectations since the beginning and that will continue. Gargano says they have been at war in this building and now here as a team. The Bar arrives. Cesaro says that no one knows who they are and nobody cares about them. They can stay at NXT or RAW. Ciampa approaches Cesaro and says they are here to take control. Gargano says they will break the bar. Sheamus and Cesaro start to laugh.

Behind the scenes, Jeff Hardy is with AJ Styles and says tonight they need to focus on the fight. Kofi Kingston arrives with a flower in pancakes and says it’s to make sure they love each other tonight. Everyone eats a pancake.

Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Tag Team Match

The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) vs. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

At the end of the fight, Gargano applies his GargaNo Space on Cesaro, but Cesaro overturns him with a Back Breaker. SHeamus chained with a nudge on Gargano and covered him, but Ciampa broke the account! The Bar pulls Ciampa out of the ring and Sheamus goes on with another Back Breaker on Gargano and covers him, but he resists. Gargano surprises Sheamus with a Superkick, Cesaro takes the tag and continues the attack. Ciampa takes the tag in the back and surprises Cesaro with a Roll Up for the account of three!

Winners: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

Asuka arrives and we leave for a break. Back, Kayla is with Asuka for an interview. Kayla says that people seem to talk a lot about RAW and Ronda Rousey. Has Asuka got lost? Asuka says she’s ready for new challenges! She beat Becky Lynch and Charlotte at TLC, she had Becky hit the Royal Rumble. She does not want to talk about Becky and Charlotte, she wants to know who is ready for Asuka now! Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville arrive. Rose says it’s sad, nobody is paying attention to Asuka. Asuka should be inspired by the most irresistible Superstars and whose people talk the most. If someone is ready for Asuka, it’s her.

Singles Match – No Title

Asuka vs Mandy Rose accompanied by Sonya Deville

During the fight, Lacey Evans arrives and walks on the stage and then goes back behind the scenes.

At the end of the fight, Asuka kicks Rose. Rose starts screaming in pain and asks the referee a break. Rose took the opportunity to do a Roll Up in Asuka on behalf of three.

Winner: Mandy Rose

Behind the scenes, Charlotte says that Becky is a ghost, she is suspended. As always Becky shows up when it should not and she worsens her wound. As a selfish Becky shows up at Elimination Chamber again. If Becky returns, she will be arrested by the police. Whether we want it or not, it’s Charlotte against Rousey at WrestleMania, the main event, because she’s in the fight.

Behind the scenes, Miz thanks Shane McMahon for trusting him again. They will regain their title. He has a breaking newz for Shane, his father Mister Miz will be ringing for Fastlane. Shane is happy.

Back, the fight begins.

Singles Match

Ricochet vs. Eric Young with Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe

At the end of the fight, Ricochet sounds Young with a kick and chained with his 630 Splash on behalf of three.

Winner: Ricochet

Behind the scenes, Kayla is with New Day. Kayla says Kofi did not win the WWE title, but he is the star. Xavier Woods says it all started 11 years ago. Kofi has been doing this for 11 years. Big E says it’s longer than Drake’s existence. Xavier says it’s longer than Instagram. Big E says it’s longer than the ” Empire ” series and we all know they’ve done crazy things to stay on the air. Kofi says this week was special. He feels like the whole WWE Universe is with him with #KofiMania. Nothing would be possible without his brothers Xavier and Big E who pushed him to participate in the Chamber Match. It’s time to continue tonight!

Back, we find Kevin Owens in a video. Owens says he is still in rehab. He looks at RAW and SmackDown and imagines how his return will be. He has never been so hungry. During his time away he put things back in place. He is ready to fight.

The wrestlers are coming. Daniel Bryan arrives with a microphone and says that little minds did not like great thinkers. Unfortunately they are not super heroes or celebrities, so we can not know them. We are ignorant. We all want to take off their belts by sending them to the Elimination Chamber, but Daniel Bryan has survived! How? Because he fights to educate, even if we do not want to. He’s going to educate us even more, about his opponent for Fastlane. He’s going to tell us who he is telling us it’s not who. His opponent will not be a man in the ring right now, because he beat them all in the Elimination Chamber!

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Kofi Kingston with Big E and Xavier Woods, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan with Rowan

At the end of the fight, AJ makes his Calf Crusher on Bryan, but Joe breaks the submission. Jeff makes his Twist of Fate on Joe, Orton the fate of the ring, Bryan fate Orton of the ring in his turn. AJ wants to take advantage of it with a quick account, but Bryan overthrows him in LeBell Lock, AJ catches a cable. AJ avoids Running Knee and makes him a Pele Kick. AJ gives the tag to Kofi, Kofi charges him, but Bryan throws him down the ring on everyone. Bryan wants to start a suicide jump, but Kofi hits him and goes on with a Missle Drop Kick. Bryan gets out of the ring, but Kofi goes on Bryan and brings him back to the ring. Kofi chained with his Trouble in Paradise on behalf of three!

Winners: Kofi Kingston, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles

After the fight, Shane arrives on the scene and says that Daniel Bryan will also fight at Fastlane. Bryan will defend his WWE title against Kofi Kingston! The show ends with a New Day celebration.

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