WWE SmackDown Results of 23/04/2019


Shane McMahon opens SmackDown Live this week to comment on the Superman Punch that Roman Reigns carried to his father Vince McMahon, wondering what kind of person dares to attack another’s father – everyone understood. He wonders if he should punish him, suspend him or something else, but would rather settle things face to face.

Shane McMahon then asks Roman Reigns to come into the ring, which he makes a microphone in his hand. Microphone he will not use, throwing it on the ground to make Shane McMahon understand that the confrontation will be physical. The two men start fighting while Elias helps McMahon.

Roman Reigns kept the upper hand for a few moments, but outnumbered, he suffered Shane and Elias’s attack for several minutes without being able to defend himself.


Andrade and Zelina Vega are back at SmackDown, and they explain that because Andrade wants to face Finn Bálor for his title. A rivalry between the two goes without problem we will not lie.

Finn Balor beat Andrade by falling with Grace’s Coup. Zelina Vega intervened in the match, trying a crossbody on Balor but landed on Andrade, distracting enough for Balor to wear his finisher.

Behind the scenes, Elias sings a song in which he defies Roman Reigns for a match at Money In The Bank. He is joined by Shane McMahon who seems happy to give him the match, the two then leave in the limousine.


Kairi Sane defeated Peyton Royce with InSane Elbow. Nice performance by Kairi Sane on the final stretch of the match. Meanwhile the team champions do not win a match and it’s a little embarrassing.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville came to make fun of the new team managed by Paige, having obviously not digested that they are not the two wrestlers chosen to face the team champions.

Jinder Mahal, back in SmackDown, was facing Chad Gable. But Lars Sullivan has arrived to put everyone down. R-Truth arrived to seek revenge last week, but without success, Sullivan is much stronger than him.

In an interview, Roman Reigns says he accepts Elias’s challenge and promises to break his jaw at Money In The Bank.


Charlotte Flair is in the ring and wonders: how can Becky Lynch claim to be champion of SmackDown when she did not beat him? Another one to whom we must remember the rule of the triple threat. She asks Lynch to come to the ring because it’s not clear enough in her head.

Becky Lynch arrives, and tells him that she did not beat him because she was too busy beating Ronda Rousey and that she already knew she could beat her anyway. But Charlotte Flair persists: it is an injustice that it is Becky Lynch the champion of SmackDown. Lynch asks her to shut up, she blames him for always being on the front of the stage and wants her to leave some room for Bayley, Mickie James or Ember Moon.

Bayley takes the opportunity to enter, and although the music is joyful Bayley is not in the mood to have fun. She thanks Becky Lynch for the small mention but reminds him that she never beat him – at the same time, easy since they have not clashed for ages. Charlotte Flair asks her to back down and wait for her turn, but Bayley refuses and challenges her for a SmackDown challenger game. The match is officialized during the ad and starts right away.

Charlotte Flair beat Bayley by falling with a spear.

It is still Charlotte Flair who is challenged as a champion of SmackDown. At MITB, Becky Lynch will have two league games and a cash-in threat hovering over her head. Big yard for Becky 2 Belts.


In the main event of this episode, Kofi Kingston confronts a former WWE Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura. Xavier Woods and Kevin Owens accompany him for the match.

Kofi Kingston defeated Shinsuke Nakamura by disqualification following Rusev’s intervention.

Xavier Woods and Kevin Owens first came to his aid, Kofi Kingston avoids Kevin Owens to be attacked by Nakamura and carries a Trouble in Paradise to the latter. Suddenly, Kevin Owens is wearing a Superkick at Kofi Kingston.

The expected heelturn of Kevin Owens has arrived, earlier than expected but here it is. Owens tears the New Day t-shirt he wore to unveil his and continues his attack on Kingston.

Xavier Woods tries to help him, managed to keep Owens away for a while but he comes back and takes a powerbomb on the edge of the ring before leaving. Several officials and doctors help Woods while a long exchange of looks between Kingston and Owens closes this episode of SmackDown Live.

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