WWE Smackdown Results (06/08/19) – The last step before Summerslam

WWE Smackdown Results

In fact we will have Shane McMahon guest of the Kevin Owens Show a week after their Summerslam meeting in which the Canadian will play all the way to stay in WWE and surely we will see some beautiful seen the precedents between the two in the recent past. We will also have an exclusive interview with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston who will respond to Randy Orton about their verbal clash last week, in which the Viper has repeatedly called him a fool for challenging him. Plus we’ll have updates on the Roman Reigns situation and the backstage attacks to figure out who orchestrated all this against him. We will also know if Aleister Black will accept last week’s challenge from Sami Zayn for Summerslam. So without further ado let’s start with this episode of Smackdown.

The episode begins with Charlotte appearing in the ring and, with fare superiore, she says she represents greatness, the one we all want to have but cannot afford because we are not genetically superior like her. and so we just drop that wish or do something just like Trish Stratus. At this point, continue talking about the canadian, saying that despite all his past successes, she can not compete at this time with those at the top of the’ evolution of wrestling female, adding that the wrestlers of the past are not the slightest bit comparable in skill to those of the present. He adds that Trish wants to fight another match just because the event is in Canada in front of her family and therefore wants to realize this dream, but concludes by saying that she will turn it into her worst nightmare. Later he decides to send a video showing his career but after a while, images of Trish’s career begin to appear unbeknownst to him and the video resounds the theme of the Canadian who shows up in the ring, with Charlotte visibly annoyed by the inconvenience. Trish ironically says Charlotte didn’t expect this off-schedule because queens are used to being heard. Going into the ring she goes on to say that this is an opportunity for her to prove to fans, her children, her husband, Harley Race(recently deceased) and above all to herself what is worth, telling Flair that she will also be the Queen, but it will never be her. Charlotte then promises that Summerslam will make her kneel to the Queen and Trish annoys her with a slap. Charlotte took the shot laughs and comes out of the square. At the end of this, an interview is announced that Roman will release about the events that have happened to him in the last week.

Rey is caught backstage walking into the ring to face Dolph Ziggler. The first to enter is Dolph who, however, does it by imitating the entrance of Goldberg with a lot of guards in tow. It is then Rey’s time that he is attacked before climbing into the ring with a Superkick. From the backstage come the referees to appease the Show Off but he continues raising Rey and hitting him with another Superkick. He then goes to pick up a microphone and, as he climbs into the ring, says that this and yet another legend put down by him and with Goldberg at Summerslam will do the same because it is time to end the time of nostalgia once and for all. He concludes by saying that this will be Goldberg’s last career match. However, Ali’s theme resonates in a hurry, after being sincere about Rey’s condition, he hits Dolph first with a Spinning Kick and then with a Suicide Dive out of the square. The challenge is set.


Ziggler left immediately after climbing back into the ring repeatedly hitting Ali and then throwing him out of the square. Here he then throws the opponent on the steps and then throws it back on the square. Here Ziggler continues his action with a Face First after throwing Ali on the ropes and then blocks him to the mat with a Head Lock. Ali breaks free with a series of punches and then strikes again with a Dropkick and a series of Chop. Still Ali with an Enziguiri Kick and then a Face FIrst starting from the apron between the strings but only count of 2. Ali throws Dolph towards the ropes but Ziggler responds with a powerful Clothesline, then calls his Superkick as Shawn did in the past but Ali avoids him by attempting a Roll up but the count is 2. The most difficult to get up is the Show Off that this time hits the opponent with Superkick getting the 3 winning,


After a video showing the latest events that happened to Roman in Raw and Smackdown, Kayla Braxton interviews The Bog Dog. After thanking him for the interview he asks him the first question and that is how he explains all these adversities that are happening to him. Reigns replies that he does not know how to give an explanation to all this, much less to say who may have accomplished all this, groping in total darkness. Kayla then asks if he fears for his safety, and Roman responds that he trusts in the WWE and is not afraid for his health saying that he is not afraid of who, rather than face him in the ring openly, prefer to attack him in the shadows behind you, and saying that , in the case, is willing to protect his family if necessary. After apologizing to Joe for unfairly blaming him, he closes by saying that by tonight he wants to find footage of the incident because he wants answers by the same night.

After Tom Phillips shows us a video commemorating the disappearance of Harley Race, the match between the two challengers of their respective women’s titles in the matches at Summerslam starts.


With a female referee this match starts with a series of arm Dragg by Ember on Natalya. The Canadian reacts by hitting the opponent with a series of punches at the corner and then throwing it on the ropes to attempt a Back Body Drop, but Ember falls to his feet and hits Natalya with Face First. Here Natalya escapes out of the ring to avoid Ember’s maneuver from the stake but is still hit by a drop kick that causes her to end up on the balustrade. Here she gets distracted by the crowd choirs in her favor and Natalya pushes her first on the apron and then hits her with a Clothesline. He then runs the Sharpshooter, always out of the ring, until the referee closes the match for a double count of ten. The Canadian continued her maneuver until Bailey’s music resonated, interrupting her maneuver by driving her away from Ember. Natalya leaves with Bailey helping her rival Summerslam.

He returns to the square with Kevin Owens in the ring to present his show but the candese cuts short and immediately calls Shane in the ring to have a face-to-face confrontation. At first he doesn’t come and Kevin starts calling him a coward but then his theme resounds and Shane goes up to the square. He then heads to the stake because he wants his classic exaggerated introduction but Owens rips the microphone out of the hands of announcer Greg Hamilton. Owens, back in the ring, immediately starts asking Shane a question asking him why he didn’t even put his career up for grabs in the Summerslam match, thus giving the audience what the audience wants and proving for once that he is a man. Shane replies that he won’t stake it simply because it was Kevin who wanted this stipulation, he also says that he won’t because he is sure to win this match, and he is so convinced that he will only have to choose the way to do it because he explains that in any way that will happen he will lose and will leave WWE. The Canadian answers ce is not surprised at this because he does not have the balls to do it and throws the microphone to the ground. The weather overheats and both throw the contour objects out of the ring but before the two come to their hands comes Elias from behind to block Owens’s feet and allow Shane to hit him. They throw Owens out of the square but here Kevin rebels by hitting both of them and throwing Shane on the commenters ‘ table, which then cleans up his monitors. Elias arrives and lands with a Stunner, but Shane takes advantage of it and lands it and then hits it with a series of punches and pummels. Later he decides to bury him under the table himself still continuing to hit him with punches and kicks. He then takes a chair and places it on Owens ‘ face and drops a kick on Owens. His action continues with slaps and insults until referees arrive to stop him and drive him away.

Sami Zayn shows up in the ring with a microphone and says of the gift he gave Aleister Black in challenging him to Summerslam because he gives him the attention he desperately seeks from fans. However, he goes on to say that he has not received a response this week and this leads him to say that Black is still in his dark, hidden room, because he feels safe and does not face him because he is afraid. But at this point the theme of Black resonates that, displacing everyone, says that this match will not take place at Summerslam but, twist, tonight.


Sami immediately starts strong landing Black with a Superkick and then blocking him to the mat with a head Lock but Black gets free and with a Kick sends Zayn out of the ring. We return from advertising with Sami in control of the match that hits Black with punches and Chop in series. Then he throws it towards the ropes and hits it with a Clothesline but the count is only 2. Still Head Lock of Zayn but Black with a srie of punches gets free but suffers a Side back Breaker from Zayn but still count of 2. Sami still works at the rival’s head with a head Lock and then throws it towards the ropes but Black hits him with a match kick and, after a series of punches, followed by a series of leg kicks, flies with a springboard Moonsault. Black invites Sami to get up and hits him with a Running Knee. Zayn is now stunned and Black, having raised his foot under his chin, hits him with the Black Mass for the winning three.


We go backstage where we still see Shelton Benjamin pensive and silent. Braxton, off the field, asks him for an opinion on the title 24/7 but he laughs and leaves.

A little later the theme song of the Firefly Fun House starts and we see Husky the pig gorging on sweets. Bray takes over who ‘ says he admires Balor because he fears nothing and he likes it but then defines this courage as ignorance, concluding that the Fiend will come for him. Promo closes with images of the Fiend that says his classic “Let me in”.

We’re still in the backstage where we see Chad Gable doing exercises and he shows up to him Elias going to retrieve a guitar left there. The Drifter tells him that with that new look he looks like a bambibo and still does not understand who gives him the right to be there. He then recovers óa citarra and sene goes with Gable irritated by these words. Maybe a feud between the two?

Tom Phillips launches a video in which we witness the interview given by WWE Champion Kofi Kingston as they scroll through some images of him against Orton in past matches. Kofi says it was difficult to face him in the past because he was a tough opponent, but he knew he could count on the support of the audience who praised his name and was always behind him. But that was not enough, because Randy continued to humiliate him, and this has led Kofi quasia leave the company because he felt not up to it, but then decided not to give up and continue to try to become a superstar principal of the company, and after 11 years we managed to win the title up to Wrestlrmania. Kingston hopes that all this done by him can serve to make people understand that anything is possible if losi wants, and would use his influence to convince people of this, unlike Orton who, in his opinion, uses his influence to drown people, as he did with him.


Daniel immediately attacks Woods with a few punches at the corner but Xavier frees himself by running, in succession, a head Scissor, Drop Kick and Suicide Dive out of the ring. We return from advertising with Bryan with an arm Bar blocks Big and on the square but the latter gets free and hits Daniel with a violent Clothesline and gets a count of 2. Tag and New Day’s combined move with count of 2, Bryan picks up the ball of the match and gives the tag to Rowan who performs a Body Slam on Woods who is then lifted but then hits Rowan with an Enziguiri Kick and puts him in the corner hitting him with a series of punches. Then he laces him to the ropes but undergoes a shoulder Tackle from Rowan who puts him back on his corner and gives the tag to Bryan who hits him with a missile drop Kick followed by a splash from Rowan, but count is only 2. Woods stuck on the ground tries to give the tag but fails but gets free from the grip of Daniel and lands him with an elbow and both are on the ground. Bryan manages to give the tag to Rowan who goes to hit Big and the corner to avoid the tag and throws Woods out of the ring to then throw him to the steps and then to the zone of the time keeper. After another advertisement we see Xavier from the stake hitting Rowan with a missile drop Kick and so the tag to Big E, as well as Rowan gives it to Daniel, and the member of New Day hits him with a series of belly toBelly Suplex and then with a splash. He prepares for the Big Eding but Daniel anticipates him with a slide and then hits him with the old yes kicks but Big and avoids the last and tries a Roll up but Daniel flips him with a Lebel Lock, but Big and reversa bombing Bryan on the carpet and getting only a 2 account. Double tag is after Rowan was landed by a Clothesline From Big E, he is hit by Woods ‘ Elbow Drop but Daniel interrupts the count but the latter is sent out of the ring with a Spear from Big E. Rowan meanwhile goes to take the steps and hits Woods causing disqualification for his team.


Daniel and Rowan hit the two with Rowan landing Big and an Iron Clow Chokeslam and Bryan doing the same with his knee on Woods.

The episode seems to end but we see Roman go straight to the locker room where there are various Superstars.Roman gets everyone out except Buddy Murphy to talk to him and immediately tells him to spit it out because he knows something about the accidents that have happened to him. Murphy denies any involvement and Roman, seeing his lack of cooperation, attacks him heavily. After hanging him on the wall Roman asks him the question and Buddy says he saw Daniel perform these gestures. Roman is incredulous and so are Daniel and Rowan who, meanwhile, had seen the whole scene from the ring.

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