WWE Smackdown LIVE Results on July 2, 2019

SmackDown LIVE, July 2, 2019

This new episode of WWE Smackdown Live opens from the AT & T Center in San Antonio, Texas with Kevin Owens entering the ring to present the “Kevin Owens Show”. The latter greets the audience before hosting tonight’s guests, who will face “the most unpredictable team in WWE history, Roman Reigns and The Undertaker, at Extreme Rules”: Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre .

The two men make their entrance to the ring and settle with Owens. Before starting, Owens asks his guests to watch the giant screen to see what happened last night at RAW with the interruption of the Undertaker. Shane McMahon pretends to be afraid of the Deadman and Owens asks if he’s sarcastic and if that means he’s not afraid of the Undertaker. Shane confirms no, he is not afraid of him because he is on a series of invisibility. He announced at the same time that Extreme Rules, their match will now be a “No Holds Barred”. Drew is also confident about the outcome of the match and claims to be the best in the classic games and that Shane is willing to sacrifice his body in the classic matches And now that it is a No Holds Barred, nothing will stop them.

Kevin Owens once again asks his guests to look at the giant screen to see when the Undertaker arrives last night at RAW, showing Drew and Shane scared. Owens then mocks them and Shane requires him to simply read the questions on his cards. He begins to ask a question about Shane defeating Roman Reigns without help from anyone, before changing his question without giving his guests time to answer. He asks ironically and raising his voice why they are so confident about defeating Reigns and the Undertaker while Drew has lost him to Reigns and Shane has been defeated by the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The two men get up from their chairs and provoke Owens.

The music of Dolph Ziggler sounds and the Superstar arrives in the ring. The latter tries to interrupt the three men but Owens yells at him and asks him to stop complaining about the fact that “it should have been him”. Ziggler claims that, indeed, “it should have been him” and that everyone knows full well that he should be a WWE Champion today. He makes fun of Owens and says that he can not understand that because the only thing he can win is hotdog eater competitions. Owens retorted that yes, he could win and it would always be more victories than him in wrestling matches. Taking advantage of Shane’s presence, Owens asks who deserves the most opportunity at the WWE Championship between him and Ziggler. Shane then responds dryly that neither of them. He announces however that they will both team tonight to deal with Heavy Machinery. The winning team will be added to the match between Daniel Bryan & Rowan at The New Day, for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules, which will become a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.

Single match
Daniel Bryan (w / Rowan) def. Big E (w / Xavier Woods)
by pinfall

At the request of Alexa Bliss earlier in the evening and behind the scenes, Nikki Cross arrives on the stage to present “A Moment of Bliss”. Rather intimidated, Cross begins the talk show by introducing herself to the fans and takes the opportunity to thank the person she loves most in this world: Alexa Bliss. She presents and asks the public to welcome her guest tonight, the Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley. Arrived on the course, Bayley said to be impressed by the fact that Alexa leaves him a little freedom by allowing him to present his show. Cross says that Alexa is a good person and she is not the one Bayley thinks she is. Cross goes on to say that she is here to ask the angry questions and asks the champion why she called Alexa a liar. Bayley responds in simplicity: because she is one.

Cross continues to defend her friend and explains how good Alexa has been with her. Bayley took the opportunity to remind him that she beat him last week and she beat Carmella last night at RAW, unlike Alexa Bliss. Bayley asks Cross why she will not face Extreme Rules. Disturbed by the question, Cross says she does not know and asks Bayley why she does not face him right away. The champion accepts the challenge and the Superstars will face each other just after the advertisement.

Single match
Bayley beats Nikki Cross
by pinfall

We now welcome WWE Champion Kofi Kingston into the ring for a face-to-face confrontation with his challenger at Extreme Rules, Samoa Joe. The latter arrives in the ring and asks the interviewer to leave the ring because the confrontation will be muscular. Joe tells Kingston that he is not so different from him. He says the fans see him as a cool guy but he’s actually just using them, just like him and just like he uses New Day to get his way.

Kingston responds by saying that he defeated Daniel Bryan in Wrestlemania by himself, that he defeated Dolph Ziggler by himself and just as he will defeat him by himself at Extreme Rules. Joe begins to insult the Kingston family and adds that fans will understand one day that the latter has nothing to do with them. Kingston says he understands why he is doing this. He does and says it all because he is jealous, says Kingston. But he understands it, because unlike him he will never have a “Wrestlemania Moment” with his children. After several intimidations and assertions that he will become the next WWE Champion, Samoa Joe offers Kofi Kingston a handshake to prove he is the one he claims to be. Kingston hesitates for a long time, before answering Samoan with a finger of honor followed by a Trouble on Paradise to conclude the segment.

Single match
Andrade beats Apollo Crews
by pinfall

Single match
Mandy Rose beats Ember Moon
by pinfall

Tag Team match – Winners Added to Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match at Extreme Rules
Heavy Machinery beat Kevin Owens & Dolph Ziggler
by pinfall

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