WWE SmackDown Live Results on February 26

kofi kingston and kevin owens

On the episode of WWE SmackDown Live on Tuesday, February 26, 2019, Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan sign the contract for their WWE Championship game at Fastlane 2019, the latest NXT call-ups return, while R-Truth defends its title in an open challenge.


The episode opens with the signing of the contract for the match between Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston for the title of WWE champion at Fastlane. Kingston is entitled to a beautiful summary of her eleven-year WWE career by Stephanie and Shane McMahon prior to her entry.

Daniel Bryan signs the contract, without a word, while Kofi Kingston announces his intentions. He hopes to beat Daniel Bryan on Sunday and become a WWE Champion.

He unfortunately spoke too fast. Kofi Kingston has indeed undergone the same treatment as Becky Lynch. Vince McMahon’s theme song sounded and it did not take a long time for us to understand what was going to happen. McMahon decided it: he replaces Kofi Kingston. And he replaces it with … Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens is returning to SmackDown after several months of absence and settles in place of Kofi Kingston to sign the contract. All this under the eyes of Daniel Bryan who remained the most Zen possible and did not say a word.

A little later behind the scenes Owens asks to team up with Kingston to face Bryan and Rowan later in the evening.


Vince McMahon also quietly replaced Johnny Gargano apparently. It was to face Cesaro but it is the Hardy Boyz who comes in the place, Matt Hardy also making his return. We had the right to no explanation for the change.

The Hardy Boyz beat The Bar by falling with Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb on Sheamus.

Behind the scenes, Lana comes to tell Ricochet and Aleister Black that they have nothing extraordinary. They could have ignored but they intend to prove the opposite in the match against Rusev and Nakamura later.

R-Truth finally reappears. He comes to the ring to announce that he intends to relaunch the open challenges for the title of champion of the United States as did his idol John Cena in his day. Andrade and Rey Mysterio both came to challenge the champion and not knowing what to do, he wondered “But what would John Cena do?”, Carmella replies that he would face both. He hesitates but eventually agrees to face the two wrestlers.

R-Truth beat Rey Mysterio and Andrade by falling while enjoying the distraction of Mysterio and by wearing a roll up when he had just worn a 619 in Andrade.

R-Truth remains a team champion. John Cena is probably proud of him.


Charlotte Flair arrives in the ring to respond to Ronda Rousey’s decision to drop the RAW championship the day before at RAW. But she can not help but react to Vince McMahon’s decision, saying he has improved WWE Fastlane’s main-event by replacing Kevin Owens with Kofi Kingston and linking it to Becky’s situation either. Lynch.

She says it’s not often that she witnesses the story, not writing it. She would never have given up the title as Ronda Rousey did, explaining that both Rousey and Lynch are scared of her.

Charlotte Flair ends by saying that she will be at Monday Night RAW next Monday to receive the title of RAW champion from Vince McMahon.

Ricochet and Aleister Black beat Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev by falling with Black’s Black Mass on Nakamura.

In interview, AJ Styles will already see the next challenger for the WWE despite a period not really to his advantage in recent weeks. Randy Orton who was passing by is not so much of his opinion.

Lacey Evans is still hello.


The main event of this episode sees Kofi Kingston forced to team up with Kevin Owens to face Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan.

Kofi Kingston and Kevin Owens defeated Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan by falling with an Owens Stunner on Daniel Bryan, dodging a knee injury.

The deal is obviously not easy between Owens and Kingston, even after this team victory.

Meanwhile we end this episode wondering again where was the champion of SmackDown Asuka who seemed to have been a rival last Tuesday in the person of Mandy Rose.

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