WWE Smackdown Live Results May 28, 2019

The WWE SmackDown show begins with a video about the rivalry between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. Then Kevin Owens’ music starts and he arrives in the ring. Owens says that normally he’s going to open SmackDown Live with a Kevin Owens Show, but having been here all day there’s nothing worse than being in Oklahoma and giving a Kevin Owens Show to people who do not deserve it .

He is still here because he knows that in a few minutes he will have the chance to beat the champion Kofi. In recent weeks he has discovered a taste for destroying New Day members. Owens says he wants to be clear, he has nothing to do with the attack of Big E. Big E sweats a lot, so it hides his vision, Big E has frowned upon. He would never have attacked Big E.

Owens says that if New Day wants to blame him they must take the fact of the pain that inflicts them or defeat tonight. When Ziggler becomes WWE Champion, Ziggler can simply thank him before he takes the title. Kofi Kingston arrives in the ring.

Kofi says that’s enough to lie, Owens has to stop. We all know who attacked Big E, Owens must stop lying. Owens is a bad person, he is a liar. Like when he wanted to join New Day. Kofi says that now Owens is also lying to himself saying that he will beat him for Ziggler tonight. What will happen is that tonight Owens will pay. Even if he is not 100%, he will charge Owens to have hurt Big E and attack Xavier Woods. Owens will have a taste of why he is the champion.

Single match
Kofi Kingston defeats Kevin Owens
by pinfall

Backstage, R-Truth and Carmella walk to flee again. R-Truth says people chase him at the airport, at the shops and the like. It’s hell. Truth hears someone arrive and hides in a room with Carmella.

Back after the break, SmackDown team champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan are in the ring. Kayla is in the ring with them and asks what they would like to say as they asked for that time. Bryan says the team division is a bad joke. Rowan makes the joke of knocking on the door saying that no one knows who the champions are. Bryan says they have an ambition and a purpose.

They will be the best team champions in history, but they will also dedicate their lives to saving the planet. Unlike people here who spent their Remembrance Day weekend eating the beautiful creatures of the planet. They ate things like hot dogs without realizing he was a smart pig. They ate burgers without thinking about the cow.

These beautiful creatures have names and they too. The people of Oklahoma are even worse with their oil production. Which created earthquakes in the state. Their mission is to save the division and the planet as they are the team champions of the planet. Kayla says she knows a team would like to challenge them. Bryan asks who is it? Heavy Machinery arrives in the ring.

Tucker says both are a good team, no doubt. Heavy Machinery likes to have fun, but now is the time to get down to business. Otis says this business is about SmackDown team titles! A referee arrives in the ring. Bryan says it’s accepted! … But the fight will not take place in this city.

Behind the scenes, Sonya Deville congratulates Mandy Rose on her magazine. Mandy Rose gives a copy of the magazine to Iiconics. They meet Ember Moon who reads a novel. Rose tells him to read his article in Muscle and Fitness instead.

Single match
Mandy Rose beats Carmella
by pinfall

Behind the scenes, R-Truth comes out of hiding, but Jinder Mahal wants to surprise him with a quick account. R-Truth pushes him back against the wall and hides further into a photo machine.

backstage, we find Aleister Black who says he understands that we expect to see him fight with someone. But he’s sitting here and waiting patiently for someone, anyone, who wants to take a fight against him.

Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew McIntyre are in the ring for Shane’s evening of appreciation. Shane says he was a bit hesitant when Drew offered him this evening. He is not a hero, he does not fight day after day for trophies or celebrations. He enjoys his life and he likes to be in front of us.

He is very humble. He has come home to run his family business and is happy to see smiles on his faces. Tonight when SmackDown is over we will all have a big smile. A video about Shane’s career at WWE is presented. Shane says that Kevin Dunn’s video was great.

It was entertaining and educational for Roman Reigns. Last night it was not enough to beat a member of Reigns’ family. Reigns continues to walk here like the Big Dog, yet his family has been putting food on his family’s table for generations. Reigns bit into the hand that feeds him. At Super ShowDown he will beat Reigns and impose respect on him. Elias says it was strong. He wrote a song for Shane on this special night.

Elias starts singing, but R-Truth comes running into the ring. He is hunted by Drake Maverick. Truth makes a Maverick Front Suplex and covers it for three! Shane asks Truth if it’s a joke. Shane, Elias and Shane start thrashing Truth! Elias chained with his Neck Breaker on Truth and McIntyre with his Claymore Kick.

Elias took the opportunity to cover R-Truth for the account of three and become the new champion 24/7! Shane says it’s a no to cut his celebration, but Truth gave him an idea. Shane says the new 24/7 champion will team up with McIntyre to face Truth and Reigns! Shane says Elias will be able to stay quiet as he cancels the 24/7 title defense by the end of the main event tonight.

Behind the scenes, Kayla is with Lacey Evans who drinks tea with Charlotte Flair. Charlotte says Becky was not enough man to defeat her at Money in the Bank. Evans says if it was not Bayley she would still be champion. Tonight she will send Bayley back to the children’s play area.

Single match – No title
Bayley beats Lacey Evans
by pinfall

After the fight, Bayley will celebrate on the stage. Evans is not happy with Charlotte’s intervention and hits her in the back! Charlotte pushes Evans away and gives him a Big Boot. The referees arrive to separate the two.

Back, it is announced that Unertaker will return to RAW next Monday.

Behind the scenes, Sarah is with Andrade and Zelina Vega to talk to Finn Balor. Andrade says that Balor has no idea what he will face Super ShowDown.

Back, this is the moment of the last episode of FireFly Fun House. Bray Wyatt asks if we liked her little secret. Do not worry, he’s here to protect us. People say horrible things, he has trouble being confident and brave sometimes. But when he puts on his mask, he can be anyone. His puppet tells him he’s sick. Wyatt says he’s fine. The puppet asks him if he is a doctor. Wyatt says the diagnosis is out, she’s a bully. The puppet says she can not stay in this window forever, in this uncertainty (word play with limbo). Wyatt begins a limbo game and ends by saying that it is only necessary to let him in.

R-Truth arrives in the ring to join Roman Reigns, but he is attacked in the back by Elias and McIntyre. Reigns will save Truth on the ramp and take Elias to the ring to start the fight.

Tag Team Match
Roman Reigns & R-Truth beat Elias & Drew McIntyre
by pinfall

After the fight, Reigns sees that Elias is still on the ground. Reigns gives him a Spear and invites Truth to cover him. Truth counts three and becomes the champion again 24/7! The show ends with a celebration of Truth.

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