WWE RUMOR: Drew McIntyre gets injured during a Live Event

Drew McIntyre

Rain in the wet on the road to Wrestlemania, as reported in the last hours, during a Raw Live Event it seems that in a match between Drew McIntyre and Dean Ambrose the referee has expressly made the gesture of the “X” with his arms (indicating a real injury) and done to close the match immediately. According to reports by Dave Meltzer, initially there was talk of an injury to Ambrose, who was defeated by the dispute, but with the passing of the hours the most credited to the injury seems to be the Scottish fighter.

It would seem that the McIntyre injury occurred immediately after a Claymore Kick was performed and at the end of the match who was in the audience saw him limp. At this moment there is no certain news on the incident, we must therefore wait for today’s episode of Monday Nigth Raw.

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