WWE Royal Rumble 2020: 10 Surprise Entrants We Could See

1- CM Punk


Outside all the possible surprise entrants for the Royal Rumble in 2020, one wrestler that would make one of the biggest reactions from the WWE Universe is none other than CM Punk. During his time in the WWE, CM Punk has some highlights to his name, including his ‘pipe bombs’ back in 2011. He became the first wrestler to win the Money in the Bank contract match twice, and also had a 4434-day reign as WWE Champion.

CM Punk left the company in 2014 to try a career in the UFC, but made an appearance at WWE Backstage in November 2019. While this doesn’t certainly mean that Punk will automatically return to the WWE, this is the most hope Punk fans have had for his return since he left the company.

When asked by host Renee Young on the show if CM Punk would return in a WWE ring, he gave a somewhat evasive answer with the response ‘I’ve experienced life where I know to not say no. But that’s going to be a bridge that is going to have to be built’.

With his last appearance wrestling in a WWE ring being at a Royal Rumble match, it would be appropriate if his return was at the same match, making his career full circle. Besides, with the potential possibility of Punk winning the match, he would accomplish the one thing that’s missing from his resume in the WWE, which is headlining WrestleMania.

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