WWE Revealed plans for Edge after Wrestlemania


Edge and Randy Orton fought in one of the longest matches in WrestleMania history, Edge managed to defeat The Viper and now we wonder what his next match will be. Tom Colohue tried to provide an answer in Sporskeeda’s Dropkick Discussions podcast.

Tom revealed that the original plan for Edge was to take a short break after WrestleMania and then fight at the next show in Saudi Arabia, then take another break before returning to SummerSlam.

There is a question now in the backstage due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Rated-R Superstar would like to fight in 5 or 6 matches a year, with the deal that could be extended depending on whether the company receives new contract talks.

WWE would like to use it as a special attraction for big shows. We will see how this situation will evolve, waiting to find out who will be the next opponent of the Canadian.

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