WWE responds to criticism about the Ryback

Some time ago, we reported that Ryback, a former WWE Superstar, portrayed an unflattering facet of the company. In addition, Ryback had explained that the WWE forced its Superstars to give the identifiers and passwords of their social networks in order to “better control the talents”.

According to reports, WWE sent a notice to Ryback to agree to relinquish its Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter accounts under the name “Ryback”, which is an intellectual property of WWE. contacted WWE about this and a representative from the company sent them this short statement, totally rejecting Ryback’s accusation:

“We do not ask for the passwords of our talents and the accounts of their social networks do not belong to us.”

Still according to Fightful, a member of staff is responsible for sending the outline of some tweets to the Superstars, but no identifier is requested. The same source cites as an example the case of a Superstar who asked the WWE social media officer to post a particular tweet to him, but the rep told him that the department could not do that.

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