WWE reportedly demanding a women’s wrestling in SAUDI ARABIA for 2020

wrestling in SAUDI ARABIA

WWE is about to hold its fourth event in Saudi Arabia on October 31st. They will not be taking any female Superstars with them this time around like they did last time.

Saudi Arabia has a very different culture wrapped in their religious faiths. This means that women cannot wrestle in that country, but WWE would like to change this.

Brad Shepard reported on the Oh, You Didn’t Know Patreon that WWE has demanded a women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia. They are reportedly requesting for 2020 now since they already know it’s not happening at Crown Jewel.

This is a choice that is totally up to Saudi Arabia, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If anything, Crown Jewel is just the fourth event out of twenty so there’s still much of time for WWE to make some records in Saudi Arabia as long as they keep pushing the controversial country for the next ten years.

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