WWE RAW Results of May 27, 2019

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston arrives in the ring. We present a video of the return of Dolph Ziggler last Tuesday at SmackDown, summary of the show here. Kofi says that last week at SmackDown Kevin Owens injured Big E’s knee again. In addition, he was attacked by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler tried to finish it, but Ziggler did not finish the job as he is still standing. When the time comes he will talk to Ziggler, but tonight he is here for Mister Money in the Bank. Paul Heyman has announced that Lesnar will unveil his opponent tonight. He is a champion who fights and he wants to be the best champion in history.

There’s nothing better than beating Brock Lesnar for that. Kofi says he wants to see Lesnar come here and cash his contract against him tonight! The music of Seth Rollins begins and he arrives in the ring. Rollins says he knows he’s not Lesnar, he’s better. But he is here because he too does not want to wait! He too wants to know who Lesnar is going to cash against. So we have the WWE Champion and the Universal Champion, he’s missing only Brock Lesnar. It’s time !

Brock Lesnar’s music begins and he arrives on the stage with a new dance song. Lesnar has fun dancing with Paul Heyman and his suitcase in DJ platinum style. Lesnar enters the ring and dances in front of the champions. Lesnar then begins to dance to the music of Kofi and then that of Seth. Rollins leaves the ring disgusted by the joke.

Heyman says that his client was going to announce against whom he was going to cash his suitcase, but Rollins spoils the ” Brock Party ”! Heyman says you have to blame Seth Rollins for the fact that the announcement will not happen! Lesnar and Heyman leave the ring. Dolph Ziggler arrives from the crowd and attacks Kofi! Ziggler makes him a Zig Zag on the ramp. Xavier Woods arrives to help Kofi and Ziggler fled into the crowd.

Back after the break, Kofi would leave with the help of the doctor, but Ziggler returns to fight. Xavier Woods pushes Ziggler again. The clash continues in ringside and in the crowd between the two men. Ziggler takes control and attacks Woods with a chair. Ziggler blocks Woods’ head in a chair, but Kofi arrives and drives him out of the ring.

Back, Kofi helps Woods get up. Ziggler returns to the scene and says that Kofi loses all his time with Brock Lesnar’s contract. Yet Kofi should be concerned about him. In 11 days at Super ShowDown Kofi will defend his title against him. He’s going to ask her one thing for the show. Kofi must celebrate more than ever for the next 11 days as WWE Champion. Ziggler says that when he sees Kofi with the title it reminds him that it should be him.

From the beginning he defended Kofi as he knew how good Kofi is. But what will happen when he takes the title of the WWE? Millions of fans watching Kofi since the first day, what will happen to them? At WrestleMania it should be him and at Super ShowDown it will be him!

In the parking lot, WWE Superstars celebrate Remembrance Day. Usos take the microphone. Jimmy wishes a happy birthday to Natalya in the first place. Welcome everyone to the party!

Behind the scenes, Charly stops Shane McMahon and asks for his comments for his fight tonight. Shane says he’ll beat Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown, just like his opponent tonight. Shane leaves walking with Drew McIntyre to the ring.

Back, Shane and Drew are in the ring. Shane says the McMahon and Samoan family are from far away. Long before having a Shane McMahon and a Roman Reigns. The basic problem was always respect. Since he is very young he knows the rule of respect, but it seems that no for Reigns. How to explain seeing Reigns hitting his father Vince McMahon? What kind of human can hit someone else’s father? The answer is Roman Reigns.

Shane says the most vicious Samoan was the Wild Samoans. Shane says he was in ringside every night and he knows the duo of Afa and Sika well. His father was always there to repair the Samoan’s mistakes. Shane says a Samoan heir will arrive in the ring and discover the best in the world.

Singles Match

Shane McMahon with Drew McIntyre vs Lance Anoa’i

The fight was about to begin, but McIntyre pulled Lance down the ring. McIntyre throws him against the barricades, the pole and the steel step several times. McIntyre throws him into the ring and the fight begins. Shane applies his submission to him.

Winner: Shane McMahon via submission

After the fight, Shane resumes his submission on Lance. Shane says Lance disgusts him, he reminds him of Sika. Sika’s biggest mistake was designing Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns arrives on the ring! Reigns does a Superman Punch at McIntyre. Shane wants to flee into the crowd, but Reigns stops him and makes him a Superman Punch. McIntyre finally pulls Shane farther and takes him on the stage to escape.

Back, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrive in the ring. Heyman introduces himself and says that his client has asked to have a referee in the ring. The moment has arrived for his client to inform against which champion he will cash his contract Money in the Bank. Seth Rollins arrives in the ring. Rollins says he’s explaining something. The title Universal is his life. He works every day for his title and Lesnar comes here and makes a joke.

Lesnar makes a joke with his DJ turntable because Lesnar is a joke. He put Lesnar on the ground at WrestleMania and he is not afraid to do it again. Lesnar was the most scary man, but now he’s a joke. That’s Lesnar’s chance to prove what it’s worth and cash in his contract. Heyman shows the contract to the referee. Heyman reads it saying that Lesnar decides when and where to cash his contract. Heyman reads the sentence that Lesnar has one year to cash it. Lesnar cuts Heyman and hits him with the paper saying he is surprised to have a year to cash it. Lesnar takes the microphone and starts laughing saying he has one year to cash it. Lesnar tells Rollins to go fuck himself.

R-Truth arrives from the crowd and wants to run away from all the wrestlers who are chasing him for the 24/7 title. R-Truth avoids blows and counts from Maverick, Good Brothers, Eric Young and others.

Behind the scenes, Charly asks AJ Styles what happens to him. AJ says he has felt a “pop” on his back at Money in the Bank. Seth Rollins beat him just, no lie. The truth is that he wanted to fight tonight and have another chance for the title, but it’s not going to happen tonight. Charly asks him for how long he will be on the sidelines. AJ says he has to go through other tests and the doctor does not know yet. Baron Corbin arrives and hits AJ in the back!

Back, the wrestlers are in the ring.

Tag Team Match – No Title

Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross vs. The Iiconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)

At the end of the fight, Nikki rings Kay at the bottom of the ring and Becky does a ChokeSlam at Royce for three.

Winners: Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross

After the fight, Lacey Evans arrives and walks on the train to then return behind the scenes.

The party continues in the parking lot. The Revival cross the Usos. Dawson says it’s good to see a bit of Usos class and have them invited for the party despite their defeat. Usos say they did not invite anyone. Naomi says it’s her! Naomi says the four must discuss and show some love in the party.

Singles Match

Ricochet vs Cesaro

At the end of the fight, Cesaro throws Ricochet down the ring, but Ricochet remains on the deck and surprises with a Sunset Flip for the account of three.

Winner: Ricochet

Cole announces that Rey Mysterio is still injured in the shoulder and will be at RAW next Monday to abandon his United States title. Samoa Joe arrives on the scene and says he will be there next Monday to take back what is his.

Back, the party continues in the parking lot.

Behind the scenes, The Miz says it’s time to be a Universal Champion and it will be great.

Behind the scenes, Braun Strowman says we’ll find out what happens when three wrestlers get into the ring with him.

Aspiring Universal Title – Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match

Braun Strowman vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Lashley

At the end of the fight, Strowman and Lashley will fight in the crowd, so they are eliminated by default. Corbin takes control of Miz and makes him his End of Days on behalf of three.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Behind the scenes, Brock Lesnar is in his dressing room with Paul Heyman waiting.

Back in the parking lot, the party is still going on. R-Truth arrives and chaos breaks out between the wrestlers.

This is the moment of the last episode of FireFly Fun House. Bray Wyatt asks if we liked her little secret. Do not worry, he’s here to protect us. People say horrible things, he has trouble finding his trust and being brave sometimes. But when he puts on his mask, he can be anything. His puppet tells him he’s sick. Wyatt says he’s fine. The puppet asks him if he is a doctor. Wyatt says the diagnosis is out, she’s a bully. The puppet says she can not stay in this window forever, in this uncertainty (word play with limbo). Wyatt begins a limbo game and ends by saying that it is only necessary to let him in.

Back, this is the moment of the electric chair interview. Corey Graves is in the ring with Sami Zayn. Graves says wrestlers will have to tell the truth in the electric chair. The questions will come from the WWE Universe and there is no limit. Zayn settles into the electric chair.

Charly is in the crowd with the fans to retrieve the questions. A man asks Sami when he is going to retire. Zayn says he will answer with a question, do they have the same father and mother? A girl asks her if she misses her Mixed Match Challenge partner. Zayn says that his parents misled him. A man asks Zayn what did it do when Strowman destroyed it? Zayn tells the man to get in the ring so he can hit him and he will see the result. Zayn says he will not do it because he knows the man is going to sue him like any American will do. In addition, his health insurance must be bad as he is American. Zayn says we could have asked him questions about his girlfriend, he kisses well.

We go on with another question. A man asks him why he did not win the Universal title since his return. Zayn says stupid questions continue. He is not interested in winning the title. We could have rather asked him his opinion on AEW! The crowd sings ” AEW ”. Graves wants to continue on the subject of the title Universal, but Seth Rollins arrives in the ring. Zayn runs away. Rollins throws the electric chair down the ring.

Back, the fight begins.

Singles Match – No Title

Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins

At the end of the fight, Zayn avoids the Rollins Stromp and applies a Figure Four! Rollins resist and overturn the submission on his side, Zayn catches a cable to break the submission. Zayn avoids a knee and makes his Blue Thunder Bomb to cover him, but Rollins resists. Zayn brings Rollins to the corner, but Rollins pushes him away and gives him a Frog Splash, but Zayn blocks him with his knees. Zayn covers it, but Rollins still resists. The two exchange the shots, Zayn falls down the ring and Rollins surprises him with a Stomp when he gets on the ring! Rollins goes on with another Stomp and covers him for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

The show ends with a celebration of Rollins.

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