WWE RAW Results of March 4, 2019


The WWE RAW show starts with Cole welcoming us and Roman Reigns coming into the ring. We present a video of his return last Monday to RAW, summary of the show here. The crowd sings his name. Reigns says that last Monday was the return. This week in Philadelphia is the time to take back our garden. He had to think about his future and what he wants. There is a man who stands in his way for what he wants and this man is his brother Seth Rollins. Before he gets what he wants, he has to talk to Seth. Seth Rollins arrives in the ring. Rollins says it was one of the best moments of his career to see Reigns in the ring again last Monday. It makes him feel that he can do everything. He’s going to take this motivation for WrestleMania, break the beast and bring back the Universal title where it needs to be and it’s here at RAW every week! Rollins says he knows what Reigns thinks. He understands what it is to give up a title without losing it. If anyone deserves a chance against Brock Lesnar as much as him, it’s Reigns.

Reigns says that while he was not there Rollins was protecting the place and making sure of the best. Nobody has as much confidence as Rollins. He knows that Rollins has what it takes to beat Lesnar. The only thing he wants to say for WrestleMania, good luck to Rollins. But, he needs a favor. Rollins says he’s ready for anything. Reigns says he wants the group back again! Rollins says he said everything, but anything but that. After Dean Ambrose’s actions, it’s no. Reigns says he wants and the WWE Universe wants it. When he was sidelined he saw from another perspective, life is short. The most important is relationships and both are the most important to him. Reigns says he knows he wants a last moment all together before someone is gone. What does he think? Rollins says you have to put that part of your life behind him, but Reigns is right. Life is too short, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Reigns wants the Shield once again, so he’ll do it for his brother! Reigns asks Dean Ambrose to come to complete. Ambrose arrives on the scene. Ambrose was going to talk, but Elias arrives and hits him on the back with his guitar! Elias runs away while Reigns and Rollins arrive on the scene. Ambrose gets up and goes back behind the scenes without saying anything.

Behind the scenes, Charly is with Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin. McIntyre says he broke the Shield a long time ago. We have three pathetic individuals who live in the past. Corbin says tonight they will face Strowman, Angle and Balor again and once again show where the force is. McIntyre says it’s not in Strowman’s hands. Lashley says he will remind Balor he is the champion on time borrowed. Corbin asks for how many times he will have to humiliate Kurt Angle.

Back after the break, the wrestlers arrive.

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Finn Balor, Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin

At the end of the fight, Lashley made his Spear on Balor on behalf of three so the others were sounded down the ring.

Winners: Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin

After the fight, the winners decide to continue the attack. They pick up Kurt Angle at the bottom of the ring to charge him against a steel step. They return to the ring and McIntyre makes a Claymore Kick on Balor. They finish with a ChokeSlam in Balor on a steel step.

Behind the scenes, Charly is with Heavy Machinery and presents a video of the team division that is not happy to see the new ones as Heavy Machinery. Otis says it hurts his feelings. Tucker says he’s going to talk to the McMahon and they’ll face them one by one to demolish them.

Natalya arrives in the ring. Back, the fight begins.

Singles Match

Natalya vs. Ruby Riott accompanied by Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan

At the end of the fight, Natalya applies her Sharpshooter, but Ruby overthrows her with a fast account, Natalya reverses the account in her favor on behalf of three.

Winner: Natalya

After the fight, Lacey Evans arrives and walks on the stage.

We present a video on the attack on Batista Ric Flair last Monday at RAW.

Behind the scenes, Stephanie McMahon is with Michael Che and Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live. Stephanie says she needs to teach them a few things as they will be with them for the entire WrestleMania weekend.

Triple H arrives in the ring and we leave for a break. Back, we present a video on Instagram of Batista who says he will not be at RAW tonight because he just does not want to be there. Triple H says he was lucky enough to come here and bring the biggest legends for Ric Flair’s 70th birthday. The chance to bring the 16-time world champion in the ring. He was there to celebrate the man and his best friend who always has there for him. Ric Flair was there for the hard times and good times, same thing for him. A year ago Ric Flair was in a coma at the hospital and every time he received a call he feared it was to learn about his death. Last Monday, he wanted to offer him what he loves most, being in the ring in front of us. Ric Flair was lucky enough to be the Nature Boy again. But that did not happen because Batista wants his attention. Batista has been trying for two years to have his attention on the web, but there was nothing to do. Batista has decided to attack a 70-year-old man who is happy to be alive and steal his moment.

Triple H says it’s very original to play hard on a screen … It’s not important where Batista wants to go or do it. Triple H says he can join him at home or on a set if he wants. He will always be there waiting. Triple H tells Batista to have balls and introduce himself. When they will cross it is not for sale or a headliner of the game. Batista will watch the man and not the character The Game. Triple H tells Batista to come here and he’ll give it all to him. Batista wanted his attention, he has his attention!

Behind the scenes, Charly asks Stephanie McMahon for her reaction as Ronda Rousey drops the title and Charlotte asks for the crowning. Stephanie says it was a lack of respect on Rousey’s part. That’s why WWE will do what’s best for the business and give up all charges to Becky Lynch. Becky’s 60-day suspension is withdrawn! Becky is still not 100% however, she invites Becky to come here and sign papers that WWE will not be responsible for Becky’s injuries to Fastlane as Becky will face Charlotte Flair for the vacant RAW Women’s title .

Back in the back, Dean Ambrose looks frustrated and Roman Reigns arrives. Reigns says he hopes Ambrose knows they can talk about everything. Ambrose says he’ll talk if Reigns wants it that way. Ambrose says he has to leave.

Gaunlet Match

Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) vs. B-Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel)

At the end of the round, Otis and Tucker make a two-man Slam on Dallas for three.

Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) vs. The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)

At the end of the round, Otis splits Viktor for three.

Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawins

At the end of the fight, Otis made a Hawkins Slam and went on with his Caterpillar on behalf of three.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Back, we announce that we will have a face to face between Triple H and Batista next Monday at RAW.

Behind the scenes, Michael Che and Colin Jost of the American show Saturday Night Live walk. Colin says he knows a lot about WWE. It lists names of legends. They cross EC3 which remains fixed. Titus O’Neil arrives and asks for a picture only of Michael and leaves.

It is rumored that Torrie Wilson will be introduced to the 2019 Hall of Fame.

Behind the scenes, Charly is with Charlotte Flair to have her comments on the Fastlane fight announced by Stephanie. Charlotte says Becky is going to sign on the sidelines for her ego. Man does not compare himself to the queen and we will see him. When she’s done with Becky she’ll put her on the sidelines for good. The good news is that the WWE Universe will be in glory when she is a champion.

Behind the scenes, Dean Ambrose is joined by Seth Rollins. Rollins says the brothers are fighting, but it’s still mutual respect. Together or against, Ambrose is his wrestling spirit forever. Rollins says they have one more chance to do it the right way. Ambrose says he will not be able to do it. He is very busy, it will not work the Shield again together. He has business to do solo.

Back, Elias sings that he knows he is in Philly because it is impossible to find the Stanley Cup. Elias continues insulting sports towards the city and finishes by saying that he knows he is in Philly because the children have no future.

Singles Match

Elias vs Dean Ambrose

At the end of the fight, Elias blocks a jump from the corner of Ambrose and chained with his Neck Breaker for the account of three.

Winner: Elias

Back, Ambrose is in the ring with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Rollins says they have one last chance to do it together. Ambrose pushes both men and leaves the ring! Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley arrive. Corbin tells them to stop, it’s pathetic meeting their brothers. McIntyre says it’s not the return Reigns expected. They wanted to give them a fight at Fastlane, but the three do not deserve it. So they’re done this night! Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre encircle the ring and the fight breaks out. Dean Ambrose decides to return to the ring to help his brothers and Shield expels their opponent. Reigns and Rollins are the sign of Shield, Ambrose finally adds his fist! The Shield is back.

Back, it is announced that the Shield will face Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley this Sunday at Fastlane.

Singles Match

Tamina with Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks with Bayley

At the end of the fight, Banks applies his Bank Statement on Tamina, but Nia pulls Tamina down the ring to save her. Bayley wants to intervene, but Nia pushes her to the ground. Banks launches down the ring on Nia. She wants to return to the ring with Tamina, but Nia pulls her leg to distract her. Tamina took the opportunity to make a Superkick to Banks for the account of three.

Winner: Tamina

Behind the scenes, Michael Che and Colin Jost walk. Michael goes to the toilet and Colin asks if he wants him to accompany him. Michael says it’s not a prison, he should not be afraid. Braun Strowman arrives and scares him. Colin says that he too is training, but are the falls real? Strowman slams him against the wall.

Back in the backstage, Strowman still slams Colin against the wall. The officials arrive to stop him. Strowman says he will meet again at WrestleMania. Michael tells Colin that now they will go to the bathroom together.

Behind the scenes, Charly asks what they think of the comments saying that they do not deserve their place. Aleister Black says that the actions will show that they deserve their place here. Ricochet says they are humble and ready.

RAW Tag Team Championship – Team Match Tag

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black

At the end of the fight, Chad Gable and Bobby Roode who were ringside attack the Revival, the referee stops the fight.

Winners: The Revival via disqualification

After the fight, Gable and Roode continue the attack. Gable then begins to shout that they wanted this fight. They get into the ring, but Black and Ricochet kick them out of the ring.

Back, Stephanie McMahon arrives in the ring. Stephanie says that anything can happen in the WrestleMania Adventure like the return of the Shield or Ronda Rousey who abandons the women’s title. We see a video last Monday at RAW where Rousey abandons the RAW title as she wants to face Becky at WrestleMania and not Charlotte. Stephanie says it’s time to correct the situation. Stephanie introduces Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch to the ring. Stephanie says we need a champion. We will have Charlotte against Becky to know who will be the RAW champion at Fastlane. But there’s one thing, Becky has to sign this no-fault agreement so Becky will not sue WWE if she gets hurt. Becky looks at the contract. Charlotte tells Becky to sign, unless Stephanie wants to give the title to the queen. Becky says she won on one leg at the Royal Rumble, she can start again now. Stephanie says she can not let her, she has to sign before. Becky signs the contract! Stephanie says it’s official, we have a female title fight. On the TitanTron, we see Ronda Rousey arrives in the parking lot and she is furious!

Back, the wrestlers are still in the ring, Ronda Rousey arrives. Rousey asks Stephanie what she’s doing. Stephanie says that Rousey did not give her the choice by giving up the title. Rousey says she did not do anything. Becky was excluded and now she. Rousey asks him to give him back his title. Stephanie gives him his belt. Stephanie says she still has to do business, so Becky will always fight Charlotte at Fastlane. If Becky loses, it’s over but if Becky wins, she’ll be added to the title fight at WrestleMania with Rousey versus Charlotte vs. Becky. Does Rousey have what she wants? Do fans want to see that? Rousey says she brings too much money back to Stephanie to send her away. His bank account is more important than the rest. Rousey says she did everything she could to respect the business. She sacrificed her body while the fans sang Becky’s name. It’s enough to entertain us. She will break the face of both. Finished the story, finished the man and finished the Wooo.

Rousey hits Charlotte and Becky! Charlotte falls down the ring. Rousey goes on with an Arm Bar on Becky. Charlotte looks at the action at the bottom of the ring. Rousey chases Becky and takes another Arm Bar.

Charly asks for Stephanie’s comments. Stephanie says that Rousey has just shown her true colors and the animal she is. She has no mercy for her opponents or the WWE Universe. She has no love for Becky and she feels bad for her. Who’s Rousey for? She can not wait to see what will happen to WrestleMania. Rousey will get what she deserves at WrestleMania. Charly asks if Stephanie regrets her decision. Stephanie says she does not know, but we will have a big fight at WM. Charly asks if she has another ad for next Monday. Stephanie says she will have to think about it. We must act against this bad behavior of Rousey.

The show ends with a celebration of Rousey.

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