WWE RAW Results of 18/03/2019


The WWE RAW show begins with Cole welcoming us and Brock Lesnar arrives in the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman wants to talk, but Lesnar is booed too loudly when he shows his Universal belt. Heyman introduces himself and presents the champion Lesnar. Heyman says Seth Rollins shows up here as the tough guy while Lesnar is not here. Rollins is propagating that Lesnar would have had problems with his challengers. Yet the truth is that it is Lesnar who beat AJ Styles, Lesnar defeated Daniel Bryan and Lesnar beat Finn Balor. Heyman says last Monday Drew McIntyre beat Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins wants to face McIntyre within 20 days of WrestleMania. But what does Rollins think?

Drew McIntyre arrives on the scene. McIntyre says it’s refreshing to have the respect he deserves. We talk to the man who brutalized Roman Reigns and his brother Ambrose who wanted to save him. He suggests Lesnar ask his representative to find him a new opponent for WrestleMania as Rollins will not be able to reach WrestleMania after tonight. Seth Rollins comes backstage and hits McIntyre with a chair in the back! Rollins chained repeated chair strokes on McIntyre. Rollins gets into the ring, but Lesnar leaves on the other side.

We present a video of Bobby Lashley who became Intercontinental Champion last Monday. Behind the scenes, Lashley and Lio Rush are getting ready for tonight.

Back after the break, Finn Balor is in the ring. Balor wishes a happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. The luck of the Irish was not with him last Monday when he lost the title. But his goal is to find a title soon. Lashley and Rush arrive on the scene. Rush says that the leprechaun seems angry as Balor has no more gold. Rush says that before you start you have to show his champion pose, something that Balor will not see for a long time. Lashley poses with his belt. Balor tells him to take advantage of the time left. For his partner, Rush has not forgotten him and his plan is to put his hands on both. Strowman is coming.

Tag Team Match

Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush

At the end of the fight, Strowman has fun throwing Rush all over the ring and takes him for his Slam, but Lashley blocks him with a Spear! Balor pulls Lashley out of the ring, Rush pulls him out. Rush takes the opportunity to get into Frog Splash on Strowman and covers it, but he resists two. Rush leaves the ring and starts running, but Balor blocks his way. Strowman charges Lashley into the crowd and rings Rush with a Clothesline in the ring. Strowman chained with ChokeSlam and his Slam for three while Lashley watched the action of the scene.

Winners: Finn Balor and Braun Strowman

Back, this is the moment of the show ” Moment of Bliss ”. Bliss says she’s the only person who can animate here. She inspires people all over the world. Bliss introduces us to Elias who is coming. Bliss says it’s a place on here. Both are victims of interruptions, she can guarantee that no one will cut them tonight. Elias says he is here to announce that he will be doing a concert at WrestleMania in the best city in the world, New York. Bliss says that last year Elias had announced a great performance too. Elias says last year was cut off by people. He learned to live with the pressure of interruptions. This performance will be the biggest. It will be clear, if anyone dares to cut it during this evening … The music of No Way Jose begins. Heavy Machinery arrives with a group of dancers. Bliss asks what they are doing, it’s too early. They had to come at the end of the show to celebrate the announcement and not cut. Bliss says she’s sorry. Elias says he will teach him a lesson. Timing in music is the essential element as in life. A masked man strikes Elias in the back and it was No Way Jose.

Back, the fight is already started.

Singles Match

Elias vs No Way Jose

At the end of the fight, Elias Elbow Drop Jose and chained with his Neck Breaker for the account of three.

Winner: Elias

Back, Kurt Angle arrives in the ring. Angle says Kurt Angle’s farewell tour continues as he fights here tonight. WrestleMania is in 20 days, the place where he will fight for the last time. He wants to thank the McMahon Family for letting him choose his last opponent. He would like to face a lot of wrestlers, but only one who would like to beat. There is a man who makes his life hell since he was General Manager, this man is Baron Corbin. Nothing made him happier than beating Corbin for his last fight.

Singles Match

Kurt Angle vs. Chad Gable

At the end of the fight, Gable turns the Angle Lock to Angle Lock! Angle resists and pushes it back against the corner. Angle wants to chain with his Slam, but Gable blocks him with a DDT and covers him, but he resists. Gable chained with a Moonsault but Angle avoided him and applied his Angle Lock to make him hit.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission

After the fight, Baron Corbin arrives on the scene and asks to offer him a better reception as he is the opponent of Angle. Corbin says he enjoyed making fun of Kurt Angle when he took his job as General Manager. It will be even better to humiliate Angle during his last fight. It’s not important the rest of his career, people will only remember his last fight and that’s right.

Back behind the scenes, Baron Corbin talks with the Revival. Apollo Crews arrives and says he would like to face Corbin tonight before his big fight. Yes or no ? Corbin finally agrees.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are in the ring. Charly asks them why they seem to avoid SmackDown Live. Bayley says they do not avoid anyone. They are ready to defend the titles against anyone and anywhere. Boss N Hug Connection will be at SmackDown Live especially this Tuesday and it will be Iiconic. Natalya arrives in the ring with Beth Phoenix! Phoenix says she has respect for Sasha and Bayley since day one. She watched each of their fight to bring respect to the titles. To be honest, she and Natalya would have liked to have this chance in the past. She was happy to see Banks and Bayley win the team titles until Nia Jax and Tamina brought jealousy. But they did something else too, Tamina and Nia woke up the dragon! Beth says she’s thoughtful and maybe Natalya’s dream and she can still come true. She loves her career, but one thing is missing. Beth says she is ready to retire, team up with the best of WWE Natalya and face both for women’s titles at WrestleMania. The crowd sings “yes”.

Bayley says it would be a great honor, but does she really want to fight at WrestleMania? Beth would not need more time to prepare. His retirement has been for six years and the competition has evolved here. Natalya says it’s Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon, a Hall of Famer. It’s here that Beth won the women’s title. Beth is not afraid to confront someone like Bayley. Sasha asks who Natalya is for. They live for business, they know Beth well. Beth is the only reason for Natalya to have a fight at WrestleMania. Natalya slaps Sasha and the two begin to exchange the shots. Beth pushes Sasha and Bayley away.

Back, the fight begins.

Singles Match

Sasha Banks accompanied by Bayley vs Natalya accompanied by Beth Phoenix

At the end of the fight, Nia Ja arrives on the stage with a microphone and highlights the return of Beth Phoenix. Nia says she is not jealous of Beth, in three years she has done more than Beth’s entire career. Beth is back because she gets too much recognition. And it must be said, she is the most beautiful and strong version of Beth. Tamina arrives and the crowd and chases SuperKick on Beth Phoenix, Bayley and Sasha. The referee stops the fight. Nia says they’ll meet again at WrestleMania.

Winner: No Contest

Behind the scenes, Mojo Rawley is still talking in front of the mirror. Rawley says he has so much potential. But the potential is nothing if you do nothing with it. How to fix that?

Back, the fight begins.

Singles Match

Ricochet vs. Jinder Mahal with Singh Brothers

At the end of the fight, Ricochet made his 630 on Mahal for the account of three.

Winner: Ricochet

Back in the backstage, Seth Rollins is asked if this is the best strategy to attack Lesnar and McIntyre with a chair. Rollins says that if you hurt your brothers, you have to prepare to get hurt. Tonight is for Dean, Roman and he hopes Lesnar looks at his fight. He is not afraid to fight fire by fire. McIntyre will find out tonight and Lesnar at WrestleMania when he burns Suplex City.

Behind the scenes, Charly congratulates Dana on her first championship bout and asks if she is ready when Rousey defeated Charlotte and Becky. Brooke says it’s the WrestleMania Adventure where dreams come true. She can make history. She’s not naive, she’s no better than Rousey. She must only be for three seconds and become the champion.

RAW Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Ronda Rousey vs Dana Brooke

The fight begins and Rousey kneels Brooke and chases with her Arm Bar to make her bang.

Winner: Ronda Rousey via submission

After the fight, referees arrive to repel Ronda Rousey who does not want to stop the submission. Rousey pushes a referee to the ground and safety comes. Rousey goes to see her husband Travis Browne in the front row. Rousey hits a security guard, Travis also hits a security guard and both leave behind the scenes! Dana Brooke is suffering in the ring.

Back, the wrestlers are in the ring.

Singles Match

Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews

At the end of the fight, Crews surprises Corbin with a Small Package on behalf of three.

Winner: Apollo Crews

After the fight, Corbin is furious and Crews will be celebrating on the stage with Kurt Angle.

Back, we present a video of the confrontation between Triple H and Batista last Monday at RAW. We find Batista via TitanTron while he is at home in Tampa. Michael Cole asks him why he is so angry with Triple H. Batista says he does not like the guy. Since his departure he only wanted to come back and have this last fight. Cole says the answer is vague. Does it go back to the beginning with Evolution? Batista says it starts well before that. He always hears that he owes his career. That he is only muscles. Triple H uses people to look better, DX or Evolution same thing. Triple H kept him at the bottom of the ladder and underestimated him. Cole says that in 2010 Batista left at the top of his career, he blames Triple H for that. Batista answers yes. Batista says it’s enough to say he left. He wanted to accomplish things but someone anxious prevented him from progressing. Since he left he is known worldwide, a movie star. He is in a position of control and finally gets what he wants. Cole says that yet Triple H helps people at NXT. Batista says that Triple H manipulates people. Triple H is the most jealous and anxious man he has ever seen. Batista says he hopes that one day Vince McMahon wakes up and decides to dismiss Triple H. And at WrestleMania he will end the Triple H wrestler career. Interview ended.

Behind the scenes, Charly is with Braun Strowman to have his comments after destroying the car. Strowman says it’s not important what Saturday Night Live’s guys are saying. He is so angry that he will participate in André The Giant Royal Battle and so everyone can have his hands. Alexa Bliss arrives and says that as she presents WrestleMania she has to make sure nothing will happen to her Saturday Night guests. Strowman says he’ll break both when he goes to see them. Bliss says she’ll take care of that. Strowman says he gives her a week, otherwise he’ll show them what’s the discipline.

Back, McIntyre is in the ring and says that actions speak louder than words. When Roman Reigns made his comeback everyone was happy to see the Big Dog again. But at Fastlane he saw that Reigns was now weak and vulnerable. He used Shield to hide, but now the Shield is no longer there. Rollins attacked him in the back with a chair because he is mistaken in believing in the heroes. Last Monday he proved that we can beat the heroes with Reigns and it’s his garden now! McIntyre says he wants to talk to Roman Reigns the man, Joe. That’s how Reigns wanted to be named, Joe the father, Joe the man in his sofa because of him. If Joe wants to be a hero for people he has a challenge for him. McIntyre says he’s challenged to a fight at WrestleMania. He already knows the answer, the fans too. McIntyre says he asks her to say no and choose his family and not the fans. If Reigns confronts him on the biggest stage he will hurt him and destroy him. Reigns beat leukemia but at WrestleMania he will never beat him! Seth Rollins is on the TitanTron and says that’s why he hit him with the chair tonight. It was for his brothers and this fight is for him. Rollins arrives on the stage and McIntyre will join him. The two exchange the blows. Officials arrive to separate the two.

Singles Match

Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

At the end of the fight, Rollins makes a Superkick at McIntyre, but Brock Lesnar’s music begins. Lesnar arrives with Paul Heyman. McIntyre takes the opportunity to make his Claymore Kick Rollins and covers for the victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the fight, Lesnar is happy to have distracted Rollins. The show ends with a celebration of McIntyre.

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