WWE RAW Results June 24, 2019

The episode opens with the entry of Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, into the arena! Meanwhile, we are shown what happened in the Main Event of Stomping Grounds, with Seth who nevertheless kept his belt. But be careful, a few seconds and here is the sound of Becky Lynch‘s music in the arena: The Man is here! Fans are raving about Becky. Becky begins by saying that she could pay to be The Man, but actually they showed why she and Seth are champions last night. Becky says that Lacey shows up every week, but then when the time comes to fight she pretends to do it.

That’s why, says Becky, she’s here again to slap her. The music of Baron Corbin starts … but Lacey Evans arrives to attack from behind Becky: the latter, however, turns the situation upside down, but there is Corbin ready to strike and, instead, it is not Seth who wins. Corbin and Lacey are now out of the ring: Corbin tells Seth to go with Becky … the sandwiches. Corbin says that if it wasn’t for Becky, he would become the new Universal Champion yesterday. Corbin says he chose Lacey because he’s the only real woman around here.

And here comes the alleged Mixed Tag Team match: the two, Corbin and Evans, want the match; Becky says that if this is the case, then in case of defeat, either one or the other will have no chance for the Raw Women’s Championship and the Universal Championship. Seth nods, Corbin accepts and says he will be a Winner Take All match. The meeting will take place in Extreme Rules!

Tag team match elimination
Xavier Woods & Big E, The Usos Defeat The Revival, Daniel Bryan & Rowan
by pinfall

  • Xavier Woods & Big E eliminate Daniel Bryan & Rowan / by pinfall
  • The Revival eliminate Xavier Woods & Big E / by pinfall
  • The Usos eliminate The Revival / by pinfall

The Miz is backstage and heading towards the ring for a special edition of Miz TV, where R-Truth will be a special guest. Pay attention, you can see Bray Wyatt’s doll … We are back and Miz welcomes us to a new episode of Miz TV, to then introduce R-Truth and Carmella! The two are worried about a possible arrival of some Superstars, but Miz assures him by saying that the rules of the 24/7 Championship for this interview are temporarily suspended. We start talking about the most controversial belt of the moment, with Truth saying that this is not a joke at all.

Truth says he can’t drink, eat or sleep peacefully now. “There are so many factors,” says Truth, but he is smarter than the others. Carmella says that interrupting Drake Maverick’s marriage may have been a bit exaggerated. This, however, shows the importance of the 24/7 Championship. A voice interrupts everything, and it’s that of Drake Maverick. The latter says his marriage would be special, but Truth ruined it. Maverick says his wife practically left him and the marriage failed.

At this point, Maverick asks for a titled re-match, one-on-one. Miz takes the floor and approves the meeting: no Superstar will interfere and the match starts now! Truth says he accepted the match against Hornswoggle .

24/7 Championship
R-Truth (c) def. Drake Maverick
by pinfall

Not even time to celebrate, and here come the other Superstars ready to chase R-Truth: it is under the first Grand Metalik, then Cedric Alexander tries and finally No Way Jose. Truth manages to escape with Carmella, Charlie Caruso tries to interview Drake Maverick, but the latter leaves the ring in tears.

Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin find themselves discussing Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch backstage: Lacey says Becky is Seth’s kryptonite. Corbin, however, says the two of them could be the new WWE couple

2-on-1 Handicap Tornado Tag Team match
Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns
no winner

While Shane was preparing to wear a Coast to Coast on Roman Reigns since the third string … GONG! The arena is plunged into darkness and The Undertaker appears in the ring. The Deadman gets rid of Shane and Drew McIntyre in a flash. The segment and match ends with the Undertaker in the center of the ring accompanied by his legendary music.

Braun Strowman is now entering the ring. He will face Bobby Lashley in a “Tug of War match”.

Tug of war match
Braun Strowman defeats Bobby Lashley

Tag Team match
The Viking Raiders beat Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
by pinfall

Backstage, we see Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross discuss what happened in the last period: Alexa knows how angry she is, but Nikki says it’s her fault. Alexa says that Bayley knows how to manipulate people and Nikki doesn’t have to follow her. Back from the commercial break, there are Natalya and Naomi who always talk to Nikki. But here is Alexa again, who is worried about what is happening. In short, probably after we will see a Tag Team match between the two athletes.

In the ring are Heath Slater and Mojo Rawley, but here comes R-Truth followed by the whole crew! It creates an incredible chaos: Slater manages to win the title, but then Truth lands it with a nice maneuver and regains the title; Cedric Alexander arrives hitting Kofi with a LumberJack and then winning the title, but there is EC3 that manages to line up Cedric and then again Truth with a Roll-Up that remains 24/7 Champion!

The new United States Champion, Ricochet, is interviewed backstage: Ricochet says the Stomping Grounds victory was also due to the great support of his fans, his family and his friends. The match with AJ Styles, says Ricochet, has dreamed of him throughout his career and tonight will prove to be a worthy US champion!

Single match
Kofi Kingston beats Sami Zayn
by pinfall

At the end of the match, Kevin Owens picks up a microphone and challenges Kofi Kingston to a new match, but right now! Kofi accepts and returns immediately to the ring, ready for the second battle!

Single match
Kofi Kingston defeats Kevin Owens
by counting outside

After the match, the WWE champion is brutally attacked by former United States Champion Samoa Joe and repeatedly on the RAW course.

After the advertisement, we learn that The Undertaker will team up with Roman Reigns to face Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at WWE Extreme Rules.

Single match
Alexa Bliss beats Naomi
by pinfall

Tag Team match
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross beat Natalya & Naomi
by pinfall

Single match – No title
AJ Styles beats Ricochet
by pinfall

At the end of the match, AJ Styles embraces Ricochet and congratulates him on the great match played.

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