WWE RAW Results July 1, 2019

Braun Strowman drives Bobby Lashley through the LED wall

The WWE RAW show begins with Cole welcoming us and presenting the events we will have tonight.

Falls Count Anywhere
Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley
no winner

After the fight, paramedics arrive to embark the two men on a stretcher.

Back after the break, Lashley and Strowman are transported to the ambulance to take the road to the hospital.

Tag Team match
Xavier Woods & Big E beat The Viking Raiders
by disqualification

After the fight, Kofi Kingston arrives to hit Joe, but the Viking Raiders repel Kofi. Officials separate everyone.

6-Tag Team match
The Viking Raiders & Samoa Joe beat The New Day
by submission

Behind the scenes, Drake Maverick walks with his wife. Maverick takes off his blindfold and welcomes him for his honeymoon surprise. His wife is sorry to be behind the scenes of RAW. She gives him as a choice title 24/7 or she if he wants to stay in a relationship. Maverick says he chooses her, nothing will be able to intervene between the two. The two hug each other, R-Truth arrives to make fun of Maverick’s love.

Back in the wings, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are with AJ Styles. AJ says last week they were on fire, but it was the Revival. Gallows says they beat New Day in the past. Anderson says it’s already better than AJ’s domination of Ricochet last Monday. AJ says it was his fight back. Gallows says AJ won in the end, so he’s next in the lineup for a US title chance. AJ says Ricochet is a good athlete.

No Way Jose arrives in the ring to face Cesaro and R-Truth was in the dancers. R-Truth shows himself in front of Drake Maverick who is in ringside with his wife. Maverick can not attack Truth. Truth finally fled when the other wrestlers arrive. Then Cesaro hits No Way Jose and finishes with a Neutralizer down the ring.

Behind the scenes, Charly is with the team champions of NXT Street Profits. Mount Ford says something is missing. Angelo Dawkins says it’s the intro. Ford says that finally our NXT champions are here at RAW! They are here to bring the style back to RAW. They will make smoke.

Back in the backstage, Sarah is with The Miz for her comments following the Shane McMahon clan attack last Tuesday at SmackDown. Miz says he thought Shane was going to help his career with the best in the world, but now Shane and his clan are stealing time at the WWE Universe. After tonight, Shane will have to find a replacement for Elias because he will return to play on the subway. And for Shane McMahon, he heard that Unndertaker is here tonight.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre arrive in the ring. Shane asks Mike Rome to present him well. Shane says we have to talk about the latest events. Last Monday at RAW they had the perfect plan against Roman Reigns. Reigns was afraid to confront them. Shane presents us with the excerpt of their attack on Reigns. McIntyre says the pictures speak, Reigns knows what’s ahead for Extreme Rules. Shane says that we must also talk about Undertaker, the person Reigns begged for help. He has already faced the Undertaker and they return to the ring to face each other. He must give credit, Undertaker surprised him last Monday. At Extreme Rules there will be no surprises, they will send Undertaker and Reigns in the ground. McIntyre says that Unertaker beats generation after generation, he brings fear to his opponents. McIntyre says he’s not afraid of Undertaker, he’s a hybrid of those generations. They heard a rumor tonight and he came here to fight tonight. So if Undertaker is here, they want to see him here. We hear thunderclaps, the lights are closed and lightning strike the ring. We hear a DONG and Undertaker arrives in the ring! Shane and McIntyre decide to leave in the crowd.

Undertaker says Roman Reigns never asked for help. Reigns is not so. But if Shane and Drew want answers, he goes to explain who he is. He is the collector of souls for a long time and he here to collect their souls. Shane had his respect for a moment, Shane gave him everything in Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania. Shane still lives to talk about it and he fell into his ego. Shane is perhaps the best in this world, but where he will send the two, they will be two other lost souls who will suffer death for eternity. The two will never rest in peace.

Behind the scenes, Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin are getting ready. Corbin says the fight under extreme stipulation will benefit both. Rollins wants to risk everything just for his girlfriend. Is it really worth the cost? Evans says Becky Lynch has taken her entire life to fulfill her dream. Man is more than a character, it is a movement. The man will not be able to take his eyes off her during his fight tonight against Natalya.

Single match
Lacey Evans beats Natalya
by pinfall

2-out-of-3 Falls
The Miz beats Elias
by submission (2-1)

The Miz beats Elias by fallen
Elias beats The Miz by fallen
The Miz beats Elias by submission

Back in the background, Charly is with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins to have the comments for Extreme Rules. Rollins says it was not impulsive as a decision. But the fight is Extreme Rules now, anything can happen except the loss of their title. Maria Kanellis arrives and says it’s desperate to call herself the first couple in the WWE, but no. Becky makes her cool for beating Ronda Rousey, but she took out an 8-pound baby from her uterus. Becky did not do it, she should have a belt for that. Maria says we could see who are the best when she and her dog face Rollins and her dog. Becky says they’ll see each other again in the ring.

Mixed Tag Team match Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch beat Mike & Maria Kaneliss by pinfall

Single match
Carmella beats Alexa Bliss
by pinfall

Once the bell rings, Carmella manages to defeat Alexa Bliss in just a few seconds thanks to a small package. To avenge this humiliation, Bliss sends Nikki Cross to face Carmella in a new match.

Single match
Nikki Cross beats Carmella
by pinfall

Back, behind the scenes, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross walk. Sarah asks Nikki about how the WWE Universe would like to see her take over from Alexa Bliss for Extreme Rules. Bliss answers “no comment” and they leave.

Behind the scenes, Drake Maverick is heading out with his wife. The group of wrestlers pass to chase R-Truth but R-Truth was hidden near Maverick. Maverick says it’s over the title 24/7. Truth wants him to enjoy his evening. Maverick hits Truth in the back with his suitcase and covers Truth on behalf of three and become the new 24/7 Champion! Maverick leaves for his honeymoon with his wife.

United States Championship
Ricochet beats AJ Styles
by pinfall

AJ Styles wins the United States Championship with a win over Ricochet after just two minutes of the game. But the decision is challenged by a second referee because Ricochet’s foot was below the first string. The match is restarted. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson arrive at the ring to watch the match.

Finally, Ricochet managed to retain the United States Championship against AJ Styles. Frustrated by his defeat, Styles brutally attacked Ricochet with the help of the Good Brothers. The three finish their attack with a Clash Styles from the second string. Monday Night RAW concludes with a meeting of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows: The Club.

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