WWE RAW Results (06/05/19) – Vince McMahon Makes a Great Announcement

WWE RAW Results

The WWE RAW show begins with director Vince McMahon coming into the ring! Vince welcomes us to RAW. Vince says that RAW tonight will be for all ages and no one will ever forget it. Why ? Because the show starts with him. Vince is cut by the music of Roman Reigns and he arrives in the ring. Vince says he does not know why Reigns is here. But if Reigns wants to make him another Superman Punch, the police are right there.

Reigns has just been signed to SmackDown, so what is he doing here? Reigns tells him to pay attention to his tone. He’s at SmackDown, but he’s been to RAW for a long time. He always said he would leave the better place he was. The last time the McMahon said that the fans were the authority and not them. But it was a lie as his children run the show. He no longer accepts Vince’s orders, only those from the WWE Universe.

Vince asks if the idea is to introduce themselves and believe that fans will like that? Reigns says that if the reception is so warm he will do it every Monday. Vince says it’s not going to happen, he does not even have to think about it. It’s as if anarchy begins. The music of Daniel Bryan begins and he arrives in the ring! Vince says it’s a bad dream. Bryan is at SmackDown like the other. Bryan says he was stolen by Kofi Kingston, he has spent the last lonely month since. He meditated to find answers, answers that only leaders can know.

When he heard that the Big Dog was going to RAW, he thought they could have an intellectual conversation. The music of New Day begins! WWE Champion Kofi Kingston arrives in the ring. Kofi says that if Byran has a problem with the conclusion of WrestleMania, Bryan does not need to go see the McMahon. Bryan only needed to complain to him as he is the WWE Champion.

Bryan says that Kofi does not deserve the title, he should never have had a chance at WrestleMania, the victory was a stroke of luck. His 11 years of career have been difficult because Kofi should never have been here. Kofi says he’s here in the ring as the champion and Bryan can not do anything about it. Vince asks for silence. Vince says we’ll have a crazy card tonight. He could invite three wrestlers from RAW to SmackDown and three from SmackDown to RAW for special fights he’s a genius.

Kofi says it was Vince’s idea … he can take credit if he wants. Kofi says he saw Reigns’s Tweet and he did not do anything Monday night, so he figured he too could have fun with Reigns. Bryan says there is no pleasure here. He came here to have a rematch for his WWE title. He could hit it now. Drew McIntyre’s music begins and he arrives. McIntyre says that if Vince does not have control of the situation, it’s up to him to take care of it. McIntyre says it’s not SD that presents RAW tonight.

McIntyre says Reigns thinks he can do what he wants. The company had told him not to come and Reigns showed up. Reigns thinks it’s OK to hit his boss in the face. Reigns has an ego problem and tonight he will bring him back to earth. Reigns says it did not work at WrestleMania, he may try it again tonight.

Vince says tonight we’ll have a WrestleMania rematch and another WrestleMania rematch that will be for the WWE title. He is a genius! Vince says it will be an evening we will never forget. AJ Styles arrives and we leave for a break.

Back after the break, Vince McMahon is in the ring with AJ Styles. Vince asks how he is doing. AJ asks Vince what he’s doing. He is at RAW following Shake-Up and Vince brings wrestlers from SmackDown after. Vince says it’s his crazy card. AJ says he spent years at SmackDown so SD is his home that he built. He arrives at RAW and wins a chance for the Universal title, but Vince brings back champion’s best friend, Roman Reigns. Maybe he too should bring his friends to SmackDown. Vince says wrestlers can be invited. The music of Seth Rollins begins and he arrives. Vince tells Seth to stay calm. Rollins says that AJ showed his true colors with his low blow.

He has a newz for AJ, SmackDown went well before AJ and continues to go well after his departure. Here is Monday Night Rollins. AJ says he knows where he is and what he has done. He tried to shake Seth’s hand and Seth showed him his belt. He was leaving, but Seth kept talking. At MITB he will still make him a Phenomenal Forearm but this time he will be champion. Vince says it’s clear the two want to fight so they’ll do it tonight. Vince says he’s not talking about a single-player fight, but Rollins and AJ as a team tonight!

Tag Team Match
Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley beat Seth Rollins & AJ Styles
by pinfall

Sami Zayn arrives in the ring. Back, Zayn asks what we have to complain about tonight. We’ve already had Reigns from SmackDown, we’ll have Bryan against Kofi for the WWE title in a WrestleMania rematch. What’s left? He looked at the scene and it seems we all liked it.

He too liked, but the difference is that we are stuck with our miserable person anyway. Zayn says that you have to work hard to update yourself like him and you will never do it like you’re cowardly. Braun Strowman arrives on the ring! Zayn decides to leave the ring on the other side and fled into the crowd.

Behind the scenes, Strowman is still chasing Sami Zayn. Zayn finds his nose against a garage door. Zayn throws objects at Strowman to push him away, but Strowman grabs him and throws him into a garbage container! A truck arrives and empties the container.

Tag Team Match
Lucha House Party beat three local wrestlers
by pinfall

Back, behind the scenes, Natalya and Naomi open a letter. Natalya is reading, this is an invitation from Lacey Evans to attend her fight with a dress code. Dana Brooke arrives and says she too has received the invitation. Naomi says Evans wants to play strategically as they are in the MITB.

Behind the scenes, Miz is waiting for Shane McMahon.

Single Match – The winner joins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Ricochet beats Robert Roode
by pinfall

Single match
Lacey Evans beats a local wrestler
by pinfall

Behind the scenes, Daniel Bryan says that Kofi Kingston is a threat to our existence with all his products. He must save the world of Kofi and regain his title of the planet.

Tag Team Match – No title
The Viking Raiders beat Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
by pinfall

Single match
Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre
by disqualification

Behind the scenes, Shane McMahon is hiding in a corner, Miz does not see him and keeps running. Charly stops Shane to have his comments while he must be in a Steel Cage Match at MITB. Shane leaves by a door and wants to get in his limousine, but Miz hits him in the back with his chair! Shane managed to push Miz with a blow under the belt and runs away in a limousine.

Back, wrestlers are in the ring (Revival and Good Brother). The fight would begin, but the Usos are coming. Jimmy says they call themselves the hottest team of the moment. They have something to help them. Jey gives them a Ucey Hot cream that is itchy. The Revival begins to roll everywhere on the ground as they are irritated in their clothing. They suffer even more when the Usos offer to put water. The Revival roll on the ground to the backstage.

Behind the scenes, Kofi Kingston says Daniel Bryan does not think he’s a champion. But for 11 years people have been saying the same thing, Bryan is not the first. Many people thought it was impossible. He showed the world that the impossible is possible. Tonight he’s going to be the WWE Champion and he’s going to send Daniel Bryan back from where he’s coming from. Bryan will know why he is the champion.

No Way Jose arrives in the ring to party with his friends, but Lars Sullivan arrives. Sullivan chases Jose’s friends and throws Jose into the crowd. Jose returns to the charge, but Sullivan rings it for good with his Powerbomb.

Back in the wings, Vince McMahon talks on the phone about his great idea to have guest wrestlers. We knock on his door and Lars Sullivan enters. Vince thanks him with fear.

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan
by pinfall

The show ends with a celebration of Kofi.

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