WWE RAW Results (05/08/19) – The Last Before Summerslam


The episode opens with all the superstars present on the stage, in memory of Dayton and El Paso who were shot dead. But right after that, we see Samoa Joe standing on the commenters ‘ table. Joe is not happy as he was accused of attacking Roman Reigns last Tuesday at Smackdown. Joe wonders if anyone has seen him. Michael Cole intervenes, but Joe yells at him saying that he was involuntarily charged. Corey Graves says it was an accident, but Joe needs to understand. Joe says that doesn’t make him guilty. Cole says there’s been a poll and 80% believe it’s not a case. Joe also has a poll and claims that 80% of the universe is dumb. Joe asks for footage of what happened to Smackdown with Roman Reigns. Joe says that he had nothing to do with it, in fact in the video you do not notice him at all. Therefore, he demands an apology. Joe says he won’t leave the arena until Roman apologizes for the allegations against him.

Tag Team match: Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya & Trish Stratus

Here we go! Immediately show strength between Becky and Natalya. The latter attempts some submission maneuvers, but Becky reverses the situation. NATALYA’S SUDDEN ARMBAR, ROLL-UP, FOLLOWED IMMEDIATELY BY A SHARPSHOOTER, NO. Nice sequence, but Becky’s Tag for Charlotte. Series of devastating Chop, with Charlotte arriving at the Big Boot soon after! Charlotte still in control and first looks at Trish. Natalya is in trouble and Charlotte lands her with a Clothesline. Charlotte for the Tag, no! Little “pleasant” looks with Becky. Series of fists on Natalya’s face, which then suffers an elbow. Natalya with a face First on Charlotte, followed by a Clothesline. Nattie next to the Tag, but nothing to do. Charlotte Roll-Up: 1-2 … only 2! Still the Queen in control. Charlotte jumps to the ropes, but Becky gets the Tag. Charlotte slams Becky down and leaves. NATALYA CLOSES BECKY IN SHARPSHOOTER! BECKY GRABS THE ROPES, BUT NATTIE DOESN’T LEAVE HER AND HERE COMES THE DISQUALIFICATION!

Winners: Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair for DQ

Natalia does not give up on Becky and then Trish Stratus intervenes, but Nattie even goes face-to-face with Trish and then leaves the ring. Meanwhile, Trish goes to Becky’s rescue.

Single match: Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade (with Zelina Vega)

Everything is ready, you can finally begin! Strong part Rey, but then Andrade goes with a BackBreaker. 619 attempt… but Andrade’s shoulder! Rey’s Hurricanrana, but then Andrade returns to full control. Series of shots at the corner. Rey suddenly sends Andrade out of the ring and some sort of CANADIAN DESTROYER against the balustrade! Commercials for us. We’re back and we see the two at the top of the stake and … Rey’S fantastic HURRICANRANA: 1-2, KICK OUT! Rey with an Enzuigiri and again a beautiful Hurricanrana. Kick on Andrade’s face: 1-2 … only 2! CANADIAN DESTROYER OF REY: 1-2 … AGAIN 2! Andrade now with Chop, and then throw a devastating elbow: 1-2, only 2! The two return to the top of the stake and ANDRADE’S double STOMP: 1-2, 2 more! Another fantastic maneuver from Rey, but the 3 still does not arrive. WHAT A MATCH! Andrade sends Rey to the corner and DOUBLE KNEE: 1-2 … only 2! STILL A CANADIAN DESTROYER OF REY: 1-2-3, NO YET 2! 619 REY! ANDRADE INTERCEPTS FROG SPLASH: 1-2, ONLY 2! Andrade tries to take off Rey’s mask, but the ref pulls him away. Zelina attacks Rey and HAMMERLOCK DDT: 1-2-3! CHAPEAU, WHAT A MATCH!

Winner: Andrade (with Zelina Vega)

Let’s change the subject and move on to the 24/7 Championship chapter, with Maria Kanellis becoming the new champion seven days ago. But meanwhile, we are shown a video today in which Maria and her husband Mike went to a gynecologist, since Maria is pregnant. After a short advertising break, we see Maria in a room with Mike. The latter leans on Maria and … 1-2-3! Mike regains the title, leaves the room and there’s R-Truth with Carmella. Truth throws a puppet and a winning Roll-Up on Mike. Truth brings his baby home!

Sensational Comedy, but backstage. Charlie Caruso interview Becky Lynch: Charlie wonders if the Canadian people can help Natalya defeat Becky, but the Irishman says he can bring all 9,000 members of the Hart family. He has already disappointed his entire career in Canada. Becky is proud to be at the top and while revolutionizing this business, Nattie was on a TV show while changing her bikini. Becky is the only thing Natalya is missing and Toronto will give Canada what they need: a real hero. Soon after, an interview also begins for the man’s challenger, Natalya, who replies practically in the same way, saying little or nothing interesting.

We stay backstage and see Universal Champion Brock Lesnar heading to the ring with Paul Heyman. Another commercial for us. Here We Go Again And Here Comes The Music of Brock Lesnar! Paul Heyman makes his classic introduction, then says he is authorized to educate each of us. Paul says he has some questions: shouldn’t Seth have been “the Beastslayer”? Wasn’t it supposed to be the conquering of the conquerors? Shouldn’t he have been the only man with Brock Lesnar’s number? Paul says the answer is in a video. We are shown what Brock did to Seth last week, but then Heyman says he got on his knees to stop that ruthless beast who did not feel mercy for Seth Rollins. However, Paul knows that WWE needs a new hero: in fact, Seth is here in Pittsburgh this evening. And then Rollins shows up all bruised and limping! Seth enters the ring with a chair, but Brock puts his hands on him until he gives him two more F-5s. Seth, after another attack, takes a microphone and wonders if it’s really worth it now. Seth says when you love something, you risk getting hit week after week. However, this is all he has. Seth Rollins will be Summerslam and beat Brock Lesnar. All this is guaranteed!

Charlie Caruso is backstage interviewing Kurt Angle, who will be hosting the match between Drew McIntyre and Cedric Alexander this evening. After a while, the Street Profits show up. All three are about to toast with milk, but suddenly Drew McIntyre also sees it. The Scot remembers what he did months ago with Angle, then left.

Tag Team match: The Viking Raiders vs. Local Competitors

Another squash for the Viking Raiders, who after a few seconds destroy two poor sacrificed.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Michael Cole reminds us of the death of Harley Race last week and here we see a nice video that sums up his whole career.

Single match: Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre (Kurt Angle special referee)

Beware, as Cedric is about to get into the ring comes Drew McIntyre attacking him from behind! McIntyre tries to weaken Cedric with painful blows. Alexander recovers, Drew ends up against the stake and Tornado DDT. Attention, the lights go out and here comes Bray Wyatt, to attack Kurt Angle!

No Contest

Tag Team match: Big E & Xavier Woods vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (with AJ Styles)

Here we go! Woods starts well, landing Anderson with a Clothesline. The intervention of AJ Styles comes and the disqualification takes place.

Winners: Big E & Xavier Woods for DQ

Six Man Tag Team match: Big E & Xavier Woods & Ricochet vs. the Original Club

AJ and Ricochet are in the ring. Here we go! Ricochet with nice maneuvers, followed by a hurricane. Ricochet’s roll-up series, but then Styles takes control. Tag for Anderson. Ricochet recovers and goes on a kind of reverse RKO: 1-2, only 2. Inside Big E, but Anderson manages to give Gallows the change. Big Boot on Big E and series of punches on the corner. Gallows Suplex: 1-2 … only 2! Gallows ‘ devastating Kick, which then goes to collide against the corner, but Tag for AJ. Big E reacts, indeed no series of shots of AJ and … BELLY to belly of BIG E! Tag inside Woods and Anderson. Good impact of Woods, but does not get the 3 on Anderson. There’s confusion in the ring. Meanwhile, a Dirty Deeds from Anderson arrives. Tag, inside Gallows and MAGIC KILLER: 1-2-3! Good vitoria for the New Raw Tag Team Champions.

Winners: The Original Club

Samoa Joe is backstage and is ready to step into the ring to receive an apology from Roman Reigns. We came back from advertising and here’s the music of Samoa Joe in the arena! Joe immediately invites Roman to the ring for an apology. Roman does not come, then Joe takes a chair sits down and begins to count to three. But Roman hasn’t arrived yet. Joe remembers having all night, so he’ll be here for as long as he wants. Be careful, though, because Joe discovers that Roman is in the arena parking lot and then decides to go there. Joe flies into the parking lot and we see Reigns getting out of a car. Roman returns, but a car decides to collide violently against Roman’s car!!! I’m sure he was behind the attack seven days ago, but who is it? We can’t find out, but meanwhile Joe rescues Roman and Triple H. well, at this point things start to get really interesting.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Elimination match For Women’s Tag Team Championship: the icons (c) vs. Kabuki Warriors vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Here we go! Billie takes Mandy to the corner and Tag for Peyton. Good work from the champions, who clean up. But here comes Mandy Rose! Series of shots, but devastating punch of Billie. Mandy and Roll-Up again: 1-2 … only 2! Sonya intervenes to limit Peyton and Mandy’s Knee attacks on Billie’s face: 1-2-3! Eliminate the Champions! Commercials for us. We’re back and Nikki gives the Tag to Asuka. Try hard with Mandy, who then lets Alexa in. The latter Tag for Sonya. Double nudge on one side and the other. Kick both, but Tag inside Kairi! Nice combined maneuver of the Japanese, but Tag for Alexa who goes face-to-face with Kairi. Kairi’s double Stomp: 1-2 … only 2! Inside Asuka. Alexa then gives the Tag to Mandy. Asuka risks elimination, but Sonya does not get the 3. Mandy’s devastating Knee: 1-2 … only 2! Asuka turns on Mandy and Asuka Lock! Mandy’s not here and she’s giving in. Kill Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose! Commercials for us. Here we are again and Asuka applies a painful grip to Nikki’s leg, followed by a Cross Face! Nikki recovers and Tag for Alexa. Slap and set of kicks on Asuka. Tag, inside Nikki again. Good maneuvers, but the three is not coming. Nikki’s BackSuplex: 1-2 … 2 more! Asuka reacts and German Suplex on Nikki. Tag, inside Kairi and Alexa. DropKick, CrossBody and Kairi in full control! Corner shot, Tag, there’s Asuka. CodeBreaker on Nikki and other maneuvers combined with Kairi, but it creates confusion: Asuka Lock, but Alexa Roll-Up not winning, still Asuka then Kairi is ready to hit, but Nikki pulls her down. Asuka tries to attack, but Nikki does it the best way. In the ring, Alexa’s devastating punch and Twisted Bliss: 1-2-3!

Winners and new champions: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

The music of The Miz starts, heading towards the ring! Miz welcomes us to a new episode of Miz TV and soon after introduces Shawn Michaels and later Dolph Ziggler. The latter gets into the ring and immediately begins to insult Miz and Shawn. Dolph says he often stole the scene and carried the company on his shoulders over the past decade. This is the best thing that happens in wrestling since HBK lost the smile and The Miz the balls. Dolph signs the contract, but then Miz responds abruptly telling him that he can’t wait to confront him at Raw. Dolph is confused. Miz wants to clarify and says that at Summerslam he will not face Dolph Ziggler, but the latter will have to deal with another person. Dolph and Miz watch Shawn Michaels, but HBK says it won’t be him. Then there goes Goldberg’s music!!! From Man gets into the ring, Dolph escapes (rightly), Goldberg signs the contract, Dolph gets a Sweet Chin Music and the final episode of Raw ends.

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