WWE NXT Results May 15, 2019

The WWE NXT show begins with team champions Viking Raiders coming into the ring. Ivar says that for the past few weeks they have dominated RAW and have brutalized the team division. Erik says they still have not finished dominating RAW. But they still have the titles of NXT and William Regal to ask to meet them in the ring. Regal arrives in the ring. Erik says he knows nobody here can take the titles, so they’re probably here to give them. Erik and Ivar give their belt to Regal. Regal says there is a surprise. Regal is cut by the music of Street Profits.

Go up Ford asks if he misunderstood, did they really say nobody? Angelo Dawkins confirms the words. Ford says they are not nobody. Since leaving NXT, it seems everyone is scared of the Viking Raiders. They brought the fight a few weeks ago, even though they did not win the fight, the NXT Universe discovered something. The Viking Raiders have also discovered something. They realized that Street Profits can beat the Viking Raiders! They are RAW, will give up the titles, but they know they can beat the Viking Raider, if it’s their real name …. Ivar and Erik drop the pickups and demand the titles to Regal to do the fight. Regal makes the match official!

Behind the scenes, Adam Cole is asked for his comments that he would not be the head of Undisputed Era. Cole says he does not know the man who cost him his fight against Matt Riddle last Wednesday. There is no dispute about who the boss is, it’s Adam Cole. Roderick Strong arrives and says he thought about what happened last week. Strong says Cole is right, they are stronger when everyone thinks the same. Strong says he took care of the Matt Riddle problem. Strong gives a pair of Riddle sandals to Cole!

Singles Match

Keith Lee vs. Cezar Bononi

At the end of the fight, Lee makes his Pounce and goes on with his Spirit Bomb on behalf of three on Bononi in a quick win.

Winner: Keith Lee

Behind the scenes, Cathy Kelley announces that Shayna Baszler will defend her women’s title against Io Shirai. The Forgottens Sounds come out of Regal’s office at the same time and Cathy asks them what they are doing here. Blake says they are not happy that Street Profits are getting another fight without deserving it. Cutler says they will not be forgotten again.

Singles Match

KUSHIDA vs Kona Reeves

At the end of the fight, KUSHIDA makes a Swanton Bomb on Reeves at the bottom of the ring and takes him back to the ring to hit him on the arm. KUSHIDA goes on with his Hoverboard Lock and Reeves tape.

Winner: KUSHIDA via submission

After the fight, KUSHIDA points to Drew Gulak watching the fight on the stage, but he leaves behind the scenes.

Backstage, Cathy wanted to do an interview with Bianca but Mia Yim is coming. Bianca Belair says that Mia Yim starts to frustrate her. Yim says she’s not trying to have a fight against Baszler, she only wants a rematch against Belair as she cheated.

Behind the scenes, Johnny Gargano says Matt Riddle is OK after Strong’s attack, but the Bro will not go well when he gets angry. He knows he has a target on his back for Undisputed Era, so it will be him versus Adam Cole at TakeOver.

Singles Match

Vanessa Brone with Aliyah vs Jessie

At the end of the fight, Borne made a Headbutt and chained with a Neck Snap Driver on Jessie for the account of three.

Winner: Vanessa Borne

NXT Tag Team Championship – Team Match Tag

Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) vs. Viking Raiders (Ivar and Erik) (c)

At the end of the fight, Erik applies an Arm Bar on Dawkins, but the Forgotten Sons arrive and attack Ivar at the bottom of the ring! The referee stops the fight.

Winners: Viking Raiders via disqualification

After the fight, the battle breaks out between the teams, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan also arrive to get involved. Viking Raiders finally empty the ring, but Rod surprises Erik with a Blockbuster and Dawkins makes a false count of three. Street Profits leave behind the scenes. Viking Raiders get up and destroy Burch and Lorcan and the Forgotten Sons. They finish with a PowerSlam on Blake and the show ends under their celebration.

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