WWE News: Brock Lesnar signs a new 6-year contract with WWE

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

For many fans, this news will probably not be good. Today we learn that Brock Lesnar signed a new contract with WWE this weekend, with a six-year extension with the company.

Including new clauses, this new deal between Brock Lesnar and WWE is, according to our sources, potentially the biggest contract ever between a Superstar and the federation with tens of millions of dollars a year at the key to The Beast.

Signed this weekend and as noted above, the contract will include new and exciting locks, including several World Champion or WWE reigns. If Lesnar lost his title of Champion Universal this Sunday Wrestlemania against Seth Rollins, it is very likely that he recovers the championship in the wake.

We can also expect that Brock Lesnar goes to Smackdown Live once the show launched on FOX next October and win the title of the WWE, if we believe the Wrestling Observer.

Naturally, this possibility is not certain, but it seems that FOX wants Brock Lesnar to be the headline of the blue show, alongside Ronda Rousey, as they both represent the UFC.

So, it’s fair to think that Brock Lesnar might be more present in the WWE, but the Wrestling Observer says that the Superstar’s schedule should be even lighter and will have less date than currently, even in as a champion.

According to sources close to the WWE, Brock Lesnar would have also demanded an appearance bonus (which would turn in the three million) in addition to his annual salary. Flights exclusively in private jet would also be a new clause of the contract.

Rey Mysterio had also obtained a similar clause in his recently signed contract with WWE, but was eventually amended a few days later.

Undeniably the top star of the roster in the eyes of officials, Brock Lesnar will get in addition to all this many other benefits including a VIP box on each show, a chauffeured limousine for each trip and not forgetting a signature bonus check which would amount to five million dollars.

The WWE Superstar will stay with the company until April 1, 2025, at a minimum, so it should continue to run long reigns as a major champion by then, unless you read the first few letters of each start. sentence.

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