WWE Money in the Bank canceled by Royal Farms Arena


The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, announced the cancellation of the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View. This cancellation occurs due to the pandemic of coronavirus COVD-19.

The event was to take place in the aforementioned Arena, on Sunday, May 10, but, unsurprisingly, it will not be the case. However, this cancellation does not mean that the Pay-Per-View will not take place at all.

If the postponement option is no longer on the table, WWE may decide to keep the event on the same date and record it from the Performance Center. At the moment, WWE has not yet commented on the subject.

Note that Money in the Bank 2020 is no longer listed on the schedule of the upcoming Pay-Per-View on the official WWE website. The company should nevertheless communicate its decision whether to maintain the show from the Performance Center, within the next few days or weeks.

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