WWE formalizes new recruits


As reported yesterday, the WWE has started this week its new recruits at the Performance Center and it was expected that the company of Stamford will formalize these arrivals very quickly. This has just been done.

There is thus Austin Theory and Santana Garrett, the biggest names of this promotion, but finally El Hijo del Fantasma is not mentioned. Maybe WWE will do what KUSHIDA did and prepare a more personal announcement for him.

In addition to Theory and Garrett, there is a mix of Theory and Garrett.:

  • Aleksandar Jakic: 24-year-old Canadian wrestler coached by Santino Marella and Alex Wright who played in Europe as LX Ken
  • Catalina Garcia: Chilean wrestler known as Jessy
  • Tehuti Miles: former military and Indy wrestler from Maryland
  • Rita Reis: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion in 2017 and former judokate
  • Marcos Gomes: Brazilian also practicing jiu-jitsu and muay thai.
  • EJ Ndunka: former American football player of small leagues reconverted bodybuilder.
  • Briana Brandy: hip hop singer who toured with Jadakiss and Soulja Boy. Practice ninjutsu and crossfit.

It should also be noted that the WWE announced the arrival of a new coach at the Performance Center, the Japanese legend Kendo Kashin.

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