WWE finds itself in trouble for upcoming shows in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

WWE could make some changes regarding upcoming shows in Saudi Arabia. It’s at the level of the day they take place. The country had asked that it be a Friday, that’s why the first three shows were held on this day. The next event was scheduled for November 1st, although not announced. So it’s a Friday, but SmackDown starts on the FOX (US television network) on October 4 and the weekly show will be on Friday.

At the hour level, the two shows will not take place at the same time. But WWE would not want them on the same day. This is reported by Dave Melzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The federation would try to change the day’s show in Saudi Arabia. The journalist goes on to say that there are two solutions: either there will be two separate teams (one for SmackDown and one for the show in Saudi Arabia), or the day of the show will change.

Anyway, the change of channel for SmackDown in the United States will affect the next shows in Saudi Arabia. We have to wait for confirmation from WWE to know the final decision.

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