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Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn

In WWE now, the Intercontinental Champion is AJ Styles, and the former IC Champion is coming up in discussion once again, we have discovered that Sami Zayn’s name is coming up backstage once again, it seems that his pause could be coming to an end.

Jeff Hardy and Michael Cole were both very careful to say that the witness found a man with red hair and a red beard escaping the scene of the crash that put Elias on the shelf, it could be Sami, his name has come up again.

This is surprising news because the last we learned he was out of the picture, it just continues to show how fast things can change backstage in WWE.

This means the criminal who mowed over Elias in Jeff Hardy’s rental car might have been Sami Zayn, Sheamus denied it, and he just keeps requesting that Hardy is a junkie who needs a drug test.

Elias won’t be back for a while. He needs surgery which will keep him out of action for over half a year.

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