WWE apprehensive about Daniel Bryan’s condition after WrestleMania

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was injured at WrestleMania 35, where he set up a sensational match with Kofi Kingston, then able to beat him and graduate as a new WWE Champion. Since then, however, there has been some concern about the physical conditions of the former Planet’s Champion, which appears to have suffered an injury on the night of the MetLife Stadium without more precise information being leaked.

The ‘Wrestling Observer Newsletter’ dealt with the affair, stating that it is not yet clear how serious the extent of Daniel Bryan’s problem is, but it was enough to convince WWE to send him home after WrestleMania.

Now it is only a matter of waiting for news on the merits and above all official information, given that it could indeed be something serious as well as a minor problem or even a false alarm.

“The last news we had is that Daniel Bryan came back to his house after the ppv and that in WWE they were waiting to see if he was injured or not. We were not given details that would allow us to understand if he is nothing or if it is something more serious, even the company was waiting for a further evaluation “, it was reported in the Newsletter.

Obviously the wait and also the apprehension are amply justified, given that in a few days the Superstar Shake-Up will take place and above all considering the clinical precedents of Daniel Bryan, who had been forced to a halt for almost three years due to the damages accumulated during a career in which the head injuries suffered were certainly not few.

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