Wrestlers who Never Should Have been world champions

Bray Wyatt shows the new Universal belt

In WWE, some wrestlers have worked all their careers and have never been champions of the world, other wrestlers have become world champions without really deserving. Whether it’s for lack of talent, bad character or lack of connection with the audience, they were wrestlers who didn’t deserve to be on top.

And today is what I’m going to talk about, I’m going to talk about those wrestlers who held the world champions title but didn’t deserve it.

5- Great Khali

Giving the world title to Khali is like giving the title to Kamala. It makes no sense. I know it was a transition run, but Khali still serves no purpose in WWE.

Since his appearance in WWE in April 2006, everyone realized it was only a matter of time before the Indian giant became world champion.

And this happened in June 2007, after an injury to the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, had left the title without owner, a 20-man Battle Royal was made and the winner was Great Khali who eliminated last Kane and Batista.

The only positive point is that after these, the Great Khali never came close to a world title again.

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