Women’s Match Reportedly Played A Part In Problems Between Saudi Arabia and WWE

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According to Brad Shepard, the first-ever women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia between Natalya & Lacey Evans at Crown Jewel 2019 played a part in problems between Saudi Arabia and WWE.

This is Brad’s report regarding the money owed to WWE by Saudi Arabia below:

“I spoke to a source in WWE about Hugo Savinovich’s statement on the WWE/Saudi Arabia travel incident. Hugo reported a dispute over money owed – allegedly in the range of $300-$500 million – led to Vince McMahon switching off the live TV feed to WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, which led to them keeping up the talent and crew.

A lot of his report confirmed my original report, such as Saudi Arabia owing to WWE money. I was once again told the amount is in the ballpark of seven numbers, not close to the $300-$500 that Hugo reported.

The entire upside of the 10-year-deal between WWE and Saudi Arabia is in the range of what Hugo alleged was owed, so that may have been a miscommunication – I’m not certain. I’m told Vince DID have the live feed switched off because of money owed…

So that piece from Hugo is correct. I was also told that every show they come up short on money owed by about a couple of million, and they provide the excuse of it being a “departmental issue” and they promise to send the money within a short time frame later – but never do.

So, there’s a feeling within WWE that they are either getting screwed on the deal with Saudi Arabia or something else is going on – which I won’t speculate. I once again asked if women’s wrestling had anything to do with this and was once again told yes, partly.

Essentially, there are people in Saudi Arabia in leadership or influential positions who are resistant to change. This isn’t just about WWE and Saudi Arabia, it was an international incident involving US citizens and Saudi Arabia with potential geopolitical consequences.

Regarding the carefully messaged responses, the hundreds of millions of dollars at stake for a publicly-traded company, and potential geopolitical consequences (especially with the current Middle Eastern climate), don’t expect the complete truth anytime soon from either party.”

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