Why WWE Continues To Embarrass Rusev with Lana & Bobby Lashley Relationship

Why WWE Continues To Embarrass Rusev with Lana & Bobby Lashley Relationship

Things between Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley are finally heating up. The breakup between Rusev and Lana got more intense on the October 28, 2019 edition of Raw.

Fans have been very critical of the storyline and the direction WWE is taking it, But one thing you can’t deny is the numbers, the Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley segments are always one of the most viewed parts of raw every week, So the interest is still there from the fans, They’re very curious to see where In the world WWE is taking this story.

Lashley has gone on record in recent interviews that he’s getting some serious heat from fans online over the story, Lashley claims that he is receiving threats and under every single one of his posts, everyone is asking “Where’s Lana?”

Lashley also said that as long as the segments continue to be talked about then that’s good enough for him, He rather is talked about even in a negative light then just not talked about at all and forgotten by fans, so this story has helped him in that sense.

Lana is also doing a great job of making the relationship look real outside of the WWE, Lana posted another video with Bobby Lashley onto her YouTube channel where she even calls him the love of her life.

Former WWE superstar, Ryback, recently shared his thoughts on the situation and came up with a really good theory, Ryback explains that he is very good friends with Rusev, but still thinks it was a horrible mistake to accept a story like this, He went on to mention that Rusev is heading towards the end of his current deal and is in contract negotiations with WWE.

This is something that has been reported for months, Rusev and Lana are both towards the end of their deals and Rusev was a bit unsatisfied with how he was being used, so that’s what lead to him taking some time off earlier this year.

Ryback went on to say that he fully believes this story is meant to embarrass Rusev and where this storyline goes next depends on how his contract negotiations go with WWE.

If Rusev agrees to a new long deal then maybe he’ll come out of this story looking great and winning Lana back, But if Rusev informs WWE that he isn’t resigning then that’s when this story can continue to get even more embarrassing for him.

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