Why R-Truth is it much pusher?


At this moment, one of the main stars of the WWE is R-Truth with the title 24/7. The 47-year-old wrestler makes several million views on every video posted on social media. Featured with Carmella for the Dance Breaks and now with this new championship, why is R-Truth so much pusher today?

Not surprisingly, the reason is Vince McMahon. Wrestling News reports that an internal source said that the WWE boss loved the person because she is ready for anything. To the point that R-Truth does not refuse anything and Vince McMahon likes it. This source goes on to say that if R-Truth wanted to stay for life in the federation, he could. She then says:

“Do you remember little Jimmy? Vince [McMahon] loved it. He was laughing so much with that.

That’s why the current title champion 24/7 is so much put forward! The source took the opportunity to tell an anecdote. Vince McMahon had put Truth heel in 2011 but it only lasted a few months because the boss wanted him to come back in the humor: “The fans laugh when they see [R-Truth], so he had to face it again. Vince did not like him in a heel. “

And finally, what will happen with the 24/7 title? The source revealed that something could happen with Carmella, the latter could indeed win the title. But nothing is engraved in the marble for the moment.

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