Why did the Young Bucks deactivate their Twitter account?

the Young Bucks and Lucha Bros

Last weekend the Young Bucks had decided to deactivate their Twitter account while the AEW was in the midst of a storm of negativity on social networks following the recent botch at the end of the show on Dustin Rhodes.

Today, Matt Jackson decided to use his Instagram accounts to comment on the situation and explain their withdrawal from Twitter. Because yes, they may have deleted their Twitter account, but their Instagram account remains active. He says :

“My brother and I decided to quit Twitter permanently a few days ago. We realized that we have sacrificed enough time that we could have spent with our family. We also noticed that it affected our creativity. […] ”

He adds that this break will allow them not to fall into the depression of Twitter and stay happy. He also points out that it doesn’t change the fact that they always want to interact with their fans on other social networks or in person.

A wise choice for Young Bucks who prefer to spend quality time with family and work for AEW rather than fall into the thousands of insults on Twitter.

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