When will the Wild Card Rule be removed?

Wild Card Rule

The Wild Card Rule, since its debut, has not been liked at all by the WWE Universe. However, former Universal Champion Seth Rollins is also against this rule. In this regard, however, the Architect has made some important statements:

“I think with Smackdown passing on FOX, The Wild Card Rule and all its options will be much tighter. It’s great now to see matches between two athletes of a different Roster respectively, but that from October/November we may not see again. Why don’t I ever show up at Smackdown? Well, they have two hours. There are people there who need TV time. They have so many talents in the backstage that they are starving to get the opportunity to perform. I’m not going to go there and be part of the segments every single week. I repeat they have a lot of guys that are thick and they don’t need me. Also, I don’t want to deal with Shane McMahon more than I should”

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