When did Vince McMahon decide to give Charlotte Flair the title?


If you’ve been following wrestling news in recent hours, you already know that Charlotte Flair won the women’s title of SmackDown against Asuka this week.

The win is surprising especially as Ric’s daughter is already facing Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35 for the RAW Women’s title.

Thus, we know a little more about how this decision was made by the big boss of the American league.

According to The Wrestling Observer, this idea of ​​giving the belt to Charlotte Flair has been circulating for a while without it being applied.

It was just before this SmackDown Live on March 26, and specifically on Tuesday afternoon, that Vince McMahon made that decision.

That’s why WWE continued to tease the qualifying match for the women’s blue show title until Monday night. Everyone seems to have caught off guard.

According to Wrestling now, Vince would have decided to do this so that Flair finds a central place in WrestleMania’s triple threat match.With Ronda Rousey being RAW Champion and Becky Lynch being very popular, Charlotte seemed to be way behind, according to McMahon.

Note also that Asuka does not have a match for the pay-per-view so she could end up in the female royal battle.

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