What were the original plans for Asuka?


Major fact of the last episode of SmackDown: Asuka lost her title to Charlotte Flair. Unexpected and out of nowhere, this victory of Flair would be the result of a last minute decision (literally). But then, what did the WWE reserve for Asuka before this great upheaval?

You are not unaware that initially Naomi, Sonya Deville, Carmella and Mandy Rose were supposed to compete in a Fatal 4 Way to designate the aspiring number in the title and at the same time the opponent of Asuka WrestleMania 35 According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter it’s Mandy Rose who should have emerged victorious from this match and face a second time the Japanese for the title of champion SmackDown. The story does not say which of the two was supposed to leave WrestleMania with the belt around the hips.

Except that in front of an already abysmally long map WWE preferred to part with a Rose v Asuka judged not very enthusiastic to survive his Main Event instead.

It is also good to question the future of Mandy Rose. Was this position of aspiring number one that was offered to her was the result of a lack of inspiration from the creative team because the interest around the title of champion of SMACKDOWN is totally vampirisé by the rivalry between Ronda, Becky and Charlotte or is it intended to play the heads of posters in the long run? Answer in a few weeks!

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