What happened after Summerslam 2019?

Main Events for Summerslam

Summerslam was a good event which, unlike most other PPVs, did not end up being a grueling experience at the durability level. Although with some missteps, it went almost all the way to The Biggest Party of the Summer.

There were also some surprises including the victory of Seth Rollins, who from “injured” managed to defeat Brock Lesnar cleanly, becoming a two-time Universal Champion.

The festivities did not stop at the end of the airing of the show, in fact WWE released an exclusive video of the Beastslayer, immersed in the electric atmosphere inside the Scotiabank Arena after the end of filming. Rollins continued to celebrate with fans as he returned to the backstage. Seth was visibly moved by the reaction he received from Toronto fans:

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