What day will the AEW weekly show be broadcast?


We learn more and more about the weekly show of All Elite Wrestling. Officially, it will begin this fall and will air on TNT (in the US) live for two hours in prime-time, in a different city each week. In short, all that we miss now is the broadcast day! Though…

The AEW has filed a trademark that has not gone unnoticed. The Heel By Nature website tells us that the brand “Wednesday Night Dynamite” was registered in the “US Patent and Trademark Office” by the promotion. For those who have trouble with English, “wednesday” means “Wednesday” in French. Thus, there is no doubt that the weekly show will be held every Wednesday.

If so, NXT will compete with the AEW for one hour. Remember that the yellow WWE show is recorded in advance … Let’s wait for confirmation from the company.

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