Vince Mcmahon does not see more braun strowman as a top wrestler?

Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman

Several times over the past few years, Braun Strowman has seemed on the verge of winning the world title, but in the end he never managed to win the most.

Mike Johnson of the PwInsider explained that the reasons for not arriving at the Strowman summit would be found in a change of opinion of Vince McMahon on the former member of the Wyatt Family. According to Johnson’s words, Vince McMahon no longer sees Strowman as a dominant monster, but as a mascot:

“There were a few moments when Vince was ready to launch it, but then something happened behind the scenes. Strowman’s behavior, maybe some small delay and sometimes Strowman is the worst enemy of himself for the way he presents and Vince took a step back. Now he has reached the point that Vince sees him as a living mascot rather than a top guy. “

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