VIDEO: Street Fighter during a hockey meeting. the music of steve austin in the arena starts

Stone Cold Steve Austin!

We know it well, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a legendary icon of wrestling and WWE, as well as his entry music, which when he plays, wherever you are, always starts big bangs from the fans.

In fact, during a meeting of the NHL, at a certain point the theme song of Steve Austin started, generating a great pop among the audience present in the arena. But the curious fact is that the music started right at the moment when a fight broke out in the stands between some fans.

As we can see in the video below, two boys started to quarrel and souls turned on quite quickly, resulting in a brawl that also involved other people. So suddenly the entry music of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin started. It is not clear if the one who put the theme song was aware of what was happening on the stands, but it is very likely that the whole is the result of a coincidence. What is certain, though, and that there would have been no better opportunity to hear it at that time.

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