Undertaker can take part in men’s Royal Rumble Match

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

Some months ago, there was talk of what The Undertaker’s next match might be in WWE, with some rumors speculating that this could happen at the next event the company will hold in Saudi Arabia in late February. However, Deadman’s return can happen even before that.

According to Mike Johnson of the PWInsider, The Undertaker was seen in the city of Houston, Texas, where the Royal Rumble is held this Sunday. Except this is also the town where Deadman lives.

As we know, these attendances may not mean anything, especially when it comes to a PPV that attracts so many people to watch and be the city where the wrestler lives. But being the Royal Rumble, anything can happen and there are already some sources pointing out the phenomenon as one of the surprises of the night.

The same source is reporting that also Mark Henry, Christian Pat Patterson, Ted DiBiase Sr, and Shane McMahon are in the city where the Royal Rumble is to be held, even if in these cases, everything leads to believe that it is only to work as commentators on the Kickoff event or something similar.

We recall that Undertaker was one of the recent guests of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at Broken Skull Sessions, and noted that, although he is 54 years old, he still does not feel ready to retire from the ring. The future WWE Hall of Famer wants to take advantage of the few opportunities they still give him, and this could be one of them.

The Undertaker’s name thus joins that of Edge, CM Punk and John Cena as some of the possible big surprises of this Sunday’s men’s Royal Rumble Match.

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