Two WWE PPVs Change Months for 2019

Money in the Bank

Since 2014, the WWE pay-per-view nearest to the beginning of the summer is Money in the Bank. Each year in June, a wrestler wins a MITB briefcase, as well as a wrestler since 2018. This case allows you to have any championship game for a year. But this year, the PPV changes months.

Rajah reports indeed that Money in the Bank changes months with Backlash! So, it will take place on May 19th and it will be the first PPV after WrestleMania. Backlash meanwhile will be held on June 16th. A change in this year’s PPD schedule that is still not explained.

Below, the schedule of the biggest WWE shows in 2019 according to Rajah. However, nothing is official as long as the WWE announces nothing (*: still not confirmed).

  • WWE Fastlane: March 10 – Cleveland, Ohio
  • WWE WrestleMania 35: April 7th – East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Special Show: May 3 – Saudi Arabia
  • WWE Money in the Bank: May 19 – Hartford, Connecticut
  • WWE Backlash: June 16 – San Diego, California
  • WWE Extreme Rules: July 14 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • WWE SummerSlam: August 11 – Toronto, Ontario
  • WWE Hell in a Cell: September 15 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • WWE Clash of Champions: October 6 – Sacramento, CA
  • Special Show: November 1 – Saudi Arabia
  • WWE Survivor Series: November 24 – Chicago, Illinois
  • WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs: December 15 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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