Triple H explains why TakeOver UK Cardiff is the same day as All Out

WrestleMania 36
Triple H

As you know, the next NXT TakeOver UK will take place in Cardiff Wales the same day as the next PPV All Elite Wrestling. A choice that surprised a lot of fans, but now during his conference call following ” NXT TakeOver 25 ” Triple H has clarified this topic in order to put an end to the various remarks.

He says :

” Unlike the current buzz, the date of August 31 is a date we have had for a long time. The building has been booked with us in Cardiff since long before WrestleMania 35. We just did not make the announcement because it was not the right time, and you do not want to announce something for a brand six months of advance or more, at least I see it that way. Tonight was the right time to do it, it has nothing to do with anyone to be honest. We’re going to take live prime time in the UK and in the afternoon in the United States, that’s the way it is. “

According to the words of the director Triple H the choice of the date of August 31 would have nothing to do with the show ” All Out ” as the building was booked since early April 2019 and at this time this second PPV of the All Elite Wrestling was not announced. A mere coincidence that the two shows meet on the same day, but it is important to specify that they will not compete as one is in the evening (NXT UK) and the other during the night (AEW) as they are in two different countries.

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