The Undertaker returns on RAW to help Roman Reigns

The Undertaker returns on WWE RAW to help Roman Reigns

WWE presented its RAW edition after Stomping Grounds on Monday, June 24th. Roman Reigns should once again face Shane McMahon, but this time in a two-on-one fight. Indeed, Reigns was facing Shane and Drew McIntyre simultaneously. Unfortunately for Reigns, both were too much for him.

Shane chained a Spear, McIntyre two Claymore Kick and while Shane was preparing for a Coast to Coast and ending the fight, the lights closed and Undertaker showed up in the ring! Undertaker took Shane and McIntyre out of the ring and landed in the ring. Reigns stayed on the ground when the Deadman returned.

For now, nobody knows why he decided to help Roman Reigns, but WWE announced an hour later that Unertaker will team up with Reigns to face Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at the upcoming Extreme Rules special show.

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