The seven wrestlers most likely to return to WWE

After the last time, I mentioned the seven least likely wrestlers to return to WWE, this week I’m going to do the opposite, which means I’m going to mention, and explain which seven wrestlers are most likely to return to WWE.

Of course, my opinion is worth what it is and is far from absolute reality. We were able to verify this with Alberto Del Rio, a wrestler who I didn’t think would ever return to WWE, but a few days later, the wrestler himself confirmed that he was in discussions with WWE.

But, well, without further ado and with the hope of being” right plan ” I’m going to analyze the seven wrestlers most likely to return to WWE. Here we go!

7- Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay, he’s one of the wrestlers I chose for my list, who’s had by far the worst career in WWE.

With a” booking “without any long-term plan, the truth is that Brodus Clay, when entering WWE, had plans to be a” monster ” in the WWE company.

Interestingly, Vince McMahon thought it was a much better idea to turn this “monster” into a dancing dinosaur, accompanied by former WWE wrestler Cameron and Naomi, who currently wrestles in the SmackDown Women’s division.

It appears that Brodus Clay may return to WWE as “Funkasaurus”, accompanied by The Funkadactyls, so Cameron, although not on my list, may also return.

In my opinion, it may be a funny moment, but it will be no more than that because Brodus Clay is not at all a wrestler who would like to see returned.

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