The Revival Post Enigmatic Message About the Future

The Revival

As we all know, much has been said and thought about the future of Revivals in WWE. For several months now, the duo has been aiming for a possible exit, which could happen in 2020 if they do not renew their contract with WWE and let them expire.

Vince McMahon’s company is confident of a renewal with the team and has already made a big offer to Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, at the level of the contract Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson currently have. However, it does not consider a problem if the team chooses to leave.

However, Revivals have also been able to work on their social networks. Since this rumor began several months ago, they have been taking advantage of the opportunity to re-launch WWE teasers, go to All Elite Wrestling, or simply cast doubt on their future.

This is what Scott Dawson did again during the early hours of Sunday. The team member posted a cryptic message that says “Guys, it’s time to go away for a while until we get everything figured out.” The wrestler also promises that he will “see the fans again soon”.

Of course, we don’t know what this cryptic message might mean, nor when the team will be communicating with fans again through social networks. For now, it seems to be just another “chapter” of this story about the possible departure of the WWE Revivals, which has no end in sight.

The WWE Revival career is going through a down phase. The two appeared in the latest WWE SmackDown, but only to distract The Usos and be dispatched by Roman Reigns with a Superman Punch.

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