The end of the commercials during the matches at RAW and Smackdown?

raw and smackdown
raw and smackdown

If you’ve watched the latest episodes of WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown Live, you’ve probably noticed that a 2-Out-of-3-Falls was held in both shows. This stipulation being quite rare in the WWE, it was surprising for a large majority of fans to see this stipulation used twice and especially two days in a row. This would not be trivial since a definite reason would be last this decision.

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon chaired a meeting in which he explained that no match will take place during the commercials. Usually, commercials cut the vast majority of games in progress and they continue during breaks.

With many recent changes quickly abandoned (the third-hour RAW lighting, the “Electric Chair” segment, etc.) it is unclear whether this new change will be applied in the long run. Regarding the two 2-Out-of-3-Falls games that took place at RAW and Smackdown, it makes sense to deduce that they were put in place to allow the commercials to pass for two rounds.

For the moment, it is difficult to know more and if this change will apply for both RAW and Smackdown. The why is also to be determined, but it could perhaps a request from USA Network to allow audiences (difficult) to go up, like the introduction of the 24/7 Championship.

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