The departure of Arn Anderson due to an argument with Vince McMahon?

Arn Anderson

We reported to you the day before yesterday, through the Pro Wrestling Sheet, that Anderson had left WWE last Thursday while he was a producer for the federation. However, the reason for this departure remained unknown. Dave Meltzer teaches us a little more today.

According to the reporter, details would be scarce but Arn Anderson’s departure would have resulted from an incident with the boss: Vince McMahon. Something that happened during a Live Event would not have been well managed and Anderson would have been the culprit. McMahon would then have sent him home and so decided never to bring him back.

Meltzer added that the rally between Arn Anderson and Vince McMahon would not have been better. Many problems in recent years, including one not so long ago. Anderson, however, would be appreciated by big names such as Triple H and John Cena. He would be known to agree with the Superstars who thought they were not being used well, which would not have helped to improve his relationship with the boss.

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