The creators of The Fiend mask and lantern are unveiled

The Fiend caught everyone’s attention at Summerslam and perhaps one element that stole the scene was the Lantern he brought with him, with Bray Wyatt’s decapitated head including his characteristic beard and red dreadlocks, with his mouth stretched and eyes sewn and closed. The Lantern could signal the death of Old Bray and the new beginning for the Fiend.

The eyes may have been inspired by the video” Man in the Box ” by Alice In Chains, in which the character of the video has his eyes closed. Jason Baker of Tom Savini Studios tweeted a photo of the lantern, stating that he and Ell Farrington created it:

The creation of the lantern went hand in hand with the creation of the puppets that accompany Bray and the mask, which is based on a drawing by Kyle Scarborough and was always created at the studio of horror legend Tom Savini, also by Jason Baker and Ell Farrington.

They also took care of the latest Slipknot masks and many other pieces for horror films. This shows that WWE is investing heavily on the character of the Fiend, involving high-profile people in the creation of these objects.

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