The Architect arrived in WWE Smackdown-WWE SmackDown Results June 18, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results June 18, 2019

This new episode of WWE Smackdown opens from the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Canada with the addition of The New Day. Micro in hand and in the ring, Xavier Woods recalls that Kofi Kingston will face Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage match this Sunday at WWE Stomping Grounds. As for Big E, with humor, he says that he has prepared new things for the last hour of the show but they are interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who stays on the stage to address the trio. The latter told Kingston that he would be nothing without New Day and that this Sunday he will not have his teammates to help him. He adds that the next time he returns to Ghana, it will be to make an excuse tour, because the first time he has to defend his title alone he will lose, of course referring to their match this Sunday. Ziggler goes on to say that at Stomping Grounds, “it will be him”.

Kofi Kingston responds to his challenger by reminding him how he got his title, how this story started and that it started in a different cage: the Elimination Chamber. Kingston goes on to say that despite being alone in this new cage, he will retain the WWE title and beat him. But before Sunday, he will face Xavier Woods tonight, adds Kingston. Ziggler replies saying he perfectly remember Woods interference in their match at Super ShowDown, causing him the title and that, as a result, “it should have been him”. The challenger concluded the segment by several and eighths “it should have been me” and then advances to the ring to face Woods in a match, which will take place right away.

Single match
Dolph Ziggler defeated Xavier Woods
by pinfall

Behind the scenes, the B-Team and Shelton Benjamin are waiting in front of Baron Corbin’s locker room. Dallas and Axel express their doubts about being the special referee this Sunday for his match against Seth Rollins after what happened at RAW. As for Benjamin, he says he would if he can use Corbin to his advantage. Matt Hardy comes out of the locker room and tells “Senior Benjamin” that it’s his turn, to conclude the segment on a note of humor.

We now welcome Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to present “A Moment of Bliss”. The host recalls that Cross will be on his side at WWE Stomping Grounds for his match against his guest tonight Bayley. The Smackdown Women’s Champion arrives on the course, with Bliss’s coffee in hand and she complains about it. The challenger also complains that the latter has cost the Women’s Tag Team Championship to her friend Nikki Cross. Bayley then tells her that Alexa is not her friend and she only uses her. Bliss remembers her days at NXT, where everyone was against her except Charlotte Flair and claims to know the true nature of Bayley. The two women share tumultuous talk about each other’s career, one of them by Alexa Bliss, who was too much for the champion who is attacking her. Nikki Cross manages to separate the two women and screams on Bayley to no longer approach Alexa. The latter takes advantage of the distraction to tackle Bayley one last time and thus conclude the segment.

Tag Team match
Heavy Machinery beat B-Team
by pinfall

After the match, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins arrives in the ring and attacks the B-Team, with a chair.

In the arena parking lot, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens ask Shane McMahon to find a solution to the Rollins and Kingston attacks. Shane, in response, announces they will face Kingston and Rollins in a 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team match tonight in the Smackdown Main Event.

We now welcome Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew McIntyre into the ring. McIntyre says that if he does not end the career of Roman Reigns after what happened last night at RAW, it’s only because Shane asked him. He goes on to say that he will beat the Big Dog this Sunday at WWE Stomping Grounds. He is interrupted by the music and the entrance of The Miz on the stage. He makes fun of the three Superstars and especially Shane by showing what happened last night at RAW when Roman Reigns tackled them. After some threats from Shane, The Miz says Shane has made Smackdown “The Land of Opportunity” but it’s now a show dedicated to satisfying his ego and he’s fed up, as much as fans . Moments later and to defuse Miz’s rising rage, Shane McMahon offers Miz a chance to face Drew McIntyre and Elias in a team game. His partner will be the one of his choice, but he has only 10 seconds to choose him. While Shane starts his account, R-Truth comes out of the ring, a little confused. The Miz seized the opportunity and announced choosing the 24/7 Champion as a partner, before slipping that “Awesome Truth is back”. Shane adds, however, that this match will ultimately be a team elimination match.

Before the match and behind the scenes, Paige announced to The IIConics that they will face Asuka and Kairi Sane on June 28 in Tokyo. If they win the match, they will win a future title opportunity.

Elimination Tag Team match
Drew McIntyre & Elias beat R-Truth & The Miz
by fallen (2-0)

In the parking lot and while he was planning to leave the arena with an Uber, R-Truth is trapped between Drake Maverick disguised as Carmella and a referee as a driver. Drake Maverick finally manages to pin it on Truth and wins the 24/7 Championship.

24/7 Championship
Drake Maverick defeats R-Truth
by pinfall

2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Match
Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston beat Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
by fallen (2-0)

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